Thursday, November 08, 2007

Processed Food Proficiency

So I went to our local Albertson's store the other day. They were running a special where it was basically a 10 for $10 kinda deal. I scoured my coupons and diligently marched myself (not really, I actually drove because I am WAY too outta shape to be marching like 3 miles. Plus marching makes my Mommy Muffin jiggle way too much) to the store.

I was bound and determined to only stick to my coupons and the 10 for $10 and not to be drawn in by other so-called specials. I'm easily distracted like that. Oh look, a squirrel. And so I got my shopping cart and cautiously proceeded.

My ADD tendencies kicked in immediately and I was looking at all manner of grocery store goodness when I told myself to STOP IT! I managed to regain control and began picking out my processed food extravaganza.

Mind you, these are not items I buy on a regular basis because I'm more of a "cook from scratch" kind gal. BUT...I had coupons and doggone it, I was gonna use them!

Here's my haul:-2 bags Chex Mix
-2 Betty Crocker cookie mixes
-2 boxes Pizza Rolls
-1 Toaster Strudel
-1 Pillsbury cookie dough
-1 Betty Crocker whipped frosting
-1 Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes
-1 Dove Nourishing hand soap

So. How much do you think I spent? Hmm?

I can guarantee you it WASN'T $10. It wasn't even $7. Or $5. At this point, after I had Monk guessing he began to channel Fred Sanford. He grabbed his chest, swayed, then said, 'I'm comin' Lizabeth.' Okay, he didn't really do that, but he was surprised that he had to guess lower.


That's it. And it would have been $2.14, but the dumb self-checkout wouldn't take two of my computer printed coupons totaling a dollar more off. Stupid self-checkout. Anyway, I began to feel the "angry eyes" of the customers behind me burning softball size holes in my back. So, I decided sometimes it's just best to leave well enough alone and to not anger the other non-money-saving-paying-full-price-forget-the-doggone-coupons kind of shoppers.

Ahhh, the joys of frugality. Now excuse me, while I go consume some partially hydrogenated oils.


PastorMac's Ann said...

Wow that's quite a haul at quite a deal. Don't eat it all at one sitting.

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

"Mommy Muffin,"!!! "Look, a squirrel,"!!!

...Hilarious. :-) Thanks for the laugh(s)!

Jedi Miller said...

mmmm transfats...

You know the last time Shelly and I went all out with coupons our bill came to $100. Then she scanned our coupons and took off $30 bucks. The lady behind was in shock. I thought she'd be rather upset for having to wait. She wanted to know how we did that. We just told her we spent about 30 min forming our grocery list based on our coupons.

Umm wasn't there a recall on Totino's pizzas??? (see website)
Maybe that's why they were so cheap!!

Michelle said...

Didn't you know that the whole pizza recall thing was my new diet? A little E.Coli and voila! 10 pounds thinner!
Actually, these were not a part of the recall. I'm not a complete nimrod as a mother. heehee!

mindi said...

WOW. We could eat a week on this (kidding, partially). I need to get the grocery budget way down. You did great!!

Lizardbreath said...

I'm coming over with my spoon. You weren't planning on actually baking that cookie dough were you?

mindi said...

Oh, by the way Michelle, I posted a contest link from my blog! I thought you might like to win something . . .

Kimberly said...

Great post and great deals! I'm impressed!