Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Sister is SO My Girl's Favorite Aunt!

My sister is a lot like me just shorter and more organized. She also talks with a Yankee accent and doesn't say "y'all", but you know what? Nobody's perfect.

She is basically a nut like myself. And while she isn't from Texas (of course, neither am I technically. However, I have lived here for 20 years which is longer than I lived in Michigan so I consider myself more Southern. But that's for another post now isn't it?), she has a heart the size of Texas. She is funny, talkative and laughs like there's no tomorrow.

And my girls just love her.

It doesn't matter that she spoils the livin' daylights out of them either. Like buying them ducks that sing If You're Happy and You Know It or animal puppets that MOO Old MacDonald and croak various songs. And we all know how much I love those kinds of toys.

My children love her for her and that's it. Period.

However, this week she has outdone herself. She has thrust herself miles ahead of the other Aunts. She has become the Creme de La Creme. The Big Dog. La Tia Suprema.

She is ...The Favorite Aunt.

How? Why? When, you ask?

Because she practically redecorated her basement for my girls! I know y'all are saying, "No Way". And I'm sayin'...


The woman decked out her basement with all manner of girly squalor so Liv and Sis would have somewhere to play and "call their own" while we were visiting. I'm talking giant pink pillows, ribbons and lip gloss, hair accessories and snow globes.

Yes people, snow globes.

There is a "Craft Corner" with everything from glitter glue to Fun Foam. There is a TV with DVD player. A CD player. Stockings filled with goodies (lip gloss, hair thingies and chocolate - she's a good woman). She even painted some flowers on the walls!What girl wouldn't want that???

Let me tell you, my children's eyes lit up like the 4th of July when they saw their cozy little room! They have squealed and played and about 100 times told me that they could practically live down there.

But the best thing of all. The pièce de résistance?


I kid you not, y'all. She put a mini fridge down there stocked with water, Lunchables and Capri Suns!

All my poor Brother-in-Law could do was whimper that he'd "lost his man cave".

Brother? With flowers painted on the walls? I'm not sure you'll ever get your man cave back.


Lizardbreath said...

Forget about the girls...I wanna come play!

mindi said...

Wow - I want to come tooooooo!! I SOOO need a girls night out.
Your kids are blessed to have such a wonderful aunt!