Monday, November 05, 2007

And The Winner Is...

Actually, there were two winners. Let me do some 'splainin'.

The first winner that was picked (not by the paper tearing method, by the way. With 272 comments I didn't want to carelessly take down some tree just to write numbers down. That tree would be better used for toilet paper around here) was notified and ever so graciously declined the prize. Why? She had already won something and felt it would be only fair to let someone else have a shot at winning. Is that not the kindest thing ever?

Ann, you are a kindred spirit in my book!

So, then I had to pick a number again. And let me just say that I don't really care for that random integer thing. I wanted to make it more personal. So, I asked everyone in the family who could count to give me a number between 1 and 272. I then added all those numbers together and then averaged it out. That, y'all, was the winning number. I am warped beyond words. I know.

And if there are any sicko math loving junkies out there who want to point out some flaw in my system, let me just say here and now, that I am too pretty to do math and therefore anything you say will just go right through my blonde highlights and into oblivion. Please, don't put the strain on your fingers to type something to me because frankly, I just won't... get... it.

The winner, right? Not quite yet, y'all.

Seeing that I NEVER get 272 comments (much less 2 comments) unless I'm giving something free away, I decided that I wanted to savor my Blogger Rock Star moment a little longer and go over some comment highlights before I revealed the winner. Hate me if you want. It's my 2 seconds of fame and I'm gonna ride that pony for all she's worth, doggone it!

Here we go:

A Woman Who Truly Feels My Pain

Stacey said...
Hmmm, I do like the idea of the 16 y/o giveaway, but alas, I have my own 16 y/o son, their rooms smell. So unless yours comes powdered in baking soda, I'll just get the organizer! Love the post, very funny.

Stacey, there is not a 16yo boy alive who's room doesn't smell like the inside of an old, wet sneaker. Baking soda would not even begin to cover it around here. I'm pretty sure my son's room could cause the kind people at Lysol to gag.

Those Trying To Fix My Son Up With A Relative

-Mama Luxe and Amanda both offered me their cousins for my "purdy" boy. Why is it that visions from My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding keep popping into my head when I read this?

- And Sonya was possibly, sorta kinda, maybe, trying to offer up an arranged marriage for her daughter. Hello? I heard no mention of the word dowry here.

Girls After My Own Heart Who Also Inquired About The Pound Cake

Carrie , Susan , Rebecca, Katie B, courtcourt and Robin M.

Girls, let me tell you this is the single, best Pound Cake recipe I have ever made or ever eaten. And I have eaten a lot of Pound Cake in my 38 years. I have the muffin to prove it.

It is not my recipe and I will willingly and freely tell you that I found the recipe here from Boomama's site. And we all KNOW what a Blogging Rock Star she is! You simply MUST try it. However, if you have any sort of aversion to butter, Crisco or eggs...this might not be the go-to recipe for you.

The Most Blatant Attempt At Out And Out Bribery

Angela said...
I'd love to win but maybe I can bribe you with this tip. Unless you have slave labor to help you write and cut up those numbers into that bowl go to The spelling might be off but its

Just for the record...Children Are Slave Labor. Why do you think I have 5?

And Finally, My New Found Best Friend Forever

striving... said...
okay, first I just have to say, and I am not kissin' up just to get free pampered chef, You do not look like that boys mama, you look old enough to be his girlfriend or for sake of not making him run and hide, good friend. I am serious, I thought it was a friend of his until I read under the picture. You go girl. Okay so, now the giveaway, I LOVE Pampered Chef. And this organizer caddy is awesome. Thanks for the chance.

I love you. What more can I say?

BTW, the girlfriend part? That apparently went a little too far with him and he proceeded to mutter words like "disgusting" and "gross" while running to the bathroom to take a 45 minute hot shower.

So. What was this post about again?

Oh yeah, the WINNER!!

LivingforGod who said: Cool gadget! Please count me in. Thanks

Congratulations LFG! I'll be mailing your new "gadget" this week!

As for me? Whew! All this Bloggy Super Star stuff has done wore me out! I'm goin' to bed!

p.s. in the name of fairness I wanted to mention I borrowed the comment highlights idea from Amy. Her musings crack me up and convict me all at the same time.


PastorMac's Ann said...

Michelle, you are too funny. I think my real giveaway prize was finding your blog.

Lizardbreath said...

Hey! I read your blog. I kinda-faithfully comment. Although, you did a great job milking it for all it was worth.

Michelle said...

You are just way too nice girl!

I know you read and comment regularly and I appreciate it. But you like know me in real life. You know I'm and idiot and you like me anyway. I want other people I don't know to like my idiotic ways. :o)

Jedi Miller said...

I can't beleive I lost :(

oh wait I didn't enter... hmmm