Thursday, November 15, 2007

Book Junkies

Many of you know mine and The Monk's love of books is far reaching. For fun we go to bookstores.

I know. We are a trendsetting couple for sure.

The other day I determined we were a pathetic pair. Depending on how you look at it, we have have either stooped to a new low or ascended to a new high. Let me explain.

Several times a year we try and order a few or twenty new books. Most of them come from Vision Forum. We usually get a coupon from them around this time of year and that is when it's most convenient to take advantage.

Two days ago we decided we wanted these. And then I wanted this. We knew if we ordered them and had them sent to our house that they would arrive while we would be out of town.

New books. Here. All alone. With no one to read them.

We couldn't have that. So, guess what we did?

We had them express shipped to my sister's house in Michigan so they will be there when we arrive.

Yep. We're a sick bunch around here. Once a book junkie always a book junkie. What can I say? We like to read feed our addiction.

1 comment:

Lizardbreath said...

Been there done that. My Mom has gotten many sipments of books so I would have them when I got there.