Friday, November 09, 2007

The Breakfast of Champions

Who would have thought a box of sugar and carbs could create such excitement around our house?

We have some happy (and hyper) children this morning.

The adults ain't doin' so bad either.
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Lizardbreath said...

Yummy!!! I'd be feeling good too.

Shelly said...


Jedi Miller said...

In order to burn off 1 donut you need to run/fast walk about a mile and a half... hmmm How may did you have? I ran 10 miles this morning so I'd like 5 donuts please.

Michelle said...

I've had two donuts today thankyouverymuch!
I did not run/walk 10 miles, but I did shop with Lizardbreath and breastfed the baby so I think that pretty much makes us even.

Leanne said...

My mouth is drooling... I might have to stop at krispy kreme on my way home from WORKING OUT... that's pitiful, isn't it! I sent your swap package yesterday...I really hope you like it! There are lots of snowmen... I bet you miss that in Texas. I lived in California for a while and I desperately missed the dramatic change in seasons!
thanks for checking into my has been a long week!

mindi said...

Oooohh, those look good!!