Monday, November 19, 2007

Sister Shoebox Swap - Cozy Goodies!

I signed up for a Shoebox Swap through one of my favorite blogs ever, The Homespun Heart. Monica is so crafty and creative she must be related to Martha! Anyway, she and her sister Carrie hosted this Cozy Swap and what fun it was!

We had to write about what Cozy meant to us and answer a few simple questions about our holiday likes, traditions, etc... Monica and Carrie then assigned us to a partner and we were given her (our partners) answers to the Cozy questions. Clear as mud?

That is when the fun began! We got to shop for Cozy things or make Cozy things for our partner, wrap them up in a shoebox and mail them off to her. Cute, huh?My partner was Leanne and she was so much fun to shop for!

Here is her box that I mailed to her:
Her box contained:

- Candle holders and candles
- Homemade Chocolate Dipped Ritz with Peanut Butter (Dee-lish!)
- Scrapbooking stickers (Fall and Christmas)
- Snowman cellophane bags for candies, cookies, fudge, etc..
- Martha Stewart Holiday DVD
- Cozy socks (I got that one from her blog! I'm so sneaky!)
- Christmas mug with copious amounts of hot chocolate.
- Snowman dishtowel
- Mitten cookie cutter
- Fall mini muffin paper cups
- Thankful Heart
- Tin Heart Ornament

When I got my box from her this is what I found:

It was wrapped up so cute! Individual things had been wrapped and labeled with such things as: Cozy for you hands and Cozy for your bath. My picture didn't turn out, but it was too cute!
Here are all of my Cozy things! This girl got me SPOT ON!

- The cutest quilted snowman bag (How did she know I love quilted bags? Was she lookin' at my blog too? Hmm..)
-Snowman napkins
-A snowman oven mitt
- A really sweet little wooden snowman plaque that reads: Rejoice (which I totally love!)
(If you have picked up on the snowman theme here then you are very observant. I LOVE snowmen and that is something I collect. Ironic, isn't it? To love snowmen and live in Texas. It's tortuous really.)
- Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion ( Oh mercy! It smells SO good!)
- Bath and Body Works Simply Divine Cherry Pie body wash (Let me tell you - it smells Deeee-Vine! You just want to eat it, although I wouldn't recommend it.)
- And lastly, a bag of Hershey's chocolate! Does this girl know me or what? Chocolate!

I must dedicate a picture solely to the quilted snowman bag though. Words cannot express just how cute this thing is!It could be used as a purse OR a diaper bag. Sigh. What can I say? I just love it.

Thank-you Monica and Carrie for so much fun!

Thank-you Leanne for all the wonderful Cozy things you sent to me! It was so much fun getting to know you!

p.s. Oh, and Monica and Carrie? Feel free to make the theme of the next swap: What "chocolate" means to me. I'm just sayin'.


mindi said...

I'm SOOOO Jealous. I wish I would have joined the swap, and I would had I known about it.
So jealous am I - I created one with old friends from high school!! Using the same theme.
Enjoy your quilted bag and other goodies!!

Angela said...

Love the Chocolate idea! :)

carrie said...


So glad you joined the swap--I enjoyed seeing photos of your goodies! All that snowman stuff is too cute.

Your theme idea has been noted. =)

thehomespunheart said...

Cute goodies! Thanks for participating!

Tracy said...

What a great exchange between the two of you!