Friday, November 23, 2007

It Aint' Over Til The Fat Lady Sings...or Throws Up

Oh. My Word.

I really wish I could just throw up.

I am so full I have made myself sick. Literally. I have sinned the sin of gluttony and I have asked the good Lord to forgive me a million times over.


Just so you know, two days of non-stop eating will do that to a person.

I told Monk I thought I might just fast on the drive home. For a girl that loves food as much as I do, that is some serious repentance.

And in case anyone is wondering...pumpkin pie and peanut M&M's might just be what pushed me over the edge.

Monk on the other hand is embracing his gluttonous ways and I'm quite certain he feels he the need to break some sort of food consumption record.

So. How's everyone else faring in their post-Thanksgiving eatin's?


mindi said...

I am hurting, and watching my waistline EXPAND!!!
I need to go on a diet. First of the year, after the holidays for sure.
But boy was Thanksgiving food good!

Jenn said...

i'd really like that picture of me back. i don't remember giving you permission to use, either...


Michelle said...


I am so glad you are prioritizing and waiting until the first of the year to diet.

The holidays are no time to be concerned with our waistlines!


I'm quite certain you are mistaken. This was me about two hours after our meal! :)