Monday, September 24, 2007

Did I Say That?

So LiverPie takes a contraband Barbie with her to church a few weeks back. I loathe Barbie and all of her hussy friends, but somehow they keep multiplying in our home.
Second sentence and I'm already digressing. I think it's a new record, y'all.

Aaannnnyway, she takes this Barbie to church with her, unbeknownst to me. She walks through the door of her Sunday school classroom where she is greeted by the helper. She then proceeds to grumble past her helper, mumbling to herself. When said helper finally gets within earshot, this is what she hears:

"Stupid Barbie, never does anything right."

Whoa. A few minutes later she hears:

"Stupid Barbie, never keeps her shoes on."

Now y'all, the helper is a good friend of mine. She comes to me laughing and tells me she knows how I talk to my children now. Huh? She then tells me the LiverPie story. For the life of me, I could not figure out where this child got the whole "stupid" thing. We certainly don't call one another those words in our home. We might say goober or dweeb, but never, ever stupid.

The next afternoon I'm sitting on the couch eating bonbons and answering my fan mail scrubbing some hard as nails, glue-like food item from the table when the cat jumps on the table. And this is what I hear myself say:

"Stupid cat."

Did I say that? Oh yes I did. I was leading my daughter down the path of destruction and didn't even know it!

Stupid path.


Jeremy said...

You know reading these blogs is like watching a sitcom, it even has catch phrases. Shelly and I have adopted the "stupid" phrasing into our vocab. in jest mind you, So i guess we have Liver to thank on that one.

Michelle said...

Yikes. This gives a whole new meaning to "...and a little child shall lead them." Scary, I know.