Thursday, November 29, 2007

More than you ever wanted to know about our trip to Michigan...and then some.

Okay, yes. I'm going to be like everyone's Uncle Bob and show you ALL of our vacation pictures whether you want to see them or not.

You can leave now OR you can hang around and be entertained for a mere 2.4 seconds more and walk away mumbling to yourselves, "now, why'd I keep reading?".

I can sense the enthusiasm through my computer screen already.

Bear with me people. Bear with me. It's not that painful, I promise.

As I mentioned in my oh-so-live blog posting while en route (you can find them here, hereand here and here), we didn't leave our home until 1pm. Mostly thanks to me.

Okay. It was ALL my fault.

Anyway, this was how we looked while all snug in the rental van.

The girls, watching the first of many DVD's. This was while they
were still happy to be traveling 1200 miles.

Me looking back when I was still happy to be traveling 1200 miles.

See, I told y'all there was such a place as Bucksnort,TN!

I wouldn't, however, recommend stopping there. It isn't the kind
of place you'd wanna go to the bathroom in, if you know what
I mean.

Our beautiful Sis in the midst of
the Fall foliage that seemed so strange and foreign to her. She was made for those Autumn colors, huh?

Liver Pie looking Fiendishly Fallish. Even with a big, green bruise adorning her forehead.

A man and his drunken baby. Relax, I'm just kidding. It was only Benadryl. Relax, kidding again. Sheesh, y'all need a sense of humor already.

Me trying (but mostly failing) to be artsy. Those leaves stayed in our van all the way to Michigan though. Apparently we felt as if Michigan wouldn't have enough leaves of it's own.

Lions and tigers and..DINOSAURS?
Oh, my.

And finally, revelling in the beautiful foliage of the hills of Kentucky.

I pretty much lost my sense of humor after this point and had no desire to take pictures of breathtaking scenery, much less my stain laden children. Basically, we made it to Michigan about 8 hours after this picture. It was late. It was dark. That's it.

To be continued.....


Shelly said...

What's with the giant yellow spider in the first picture?! Our favorite funny-named town is Chunky, Mississippi. It's right by the Chunky River. We once stopped through & got pictures of the Chunk Post Office & the Chunky Baptist Church. When your tired, anything is funny!

Lizardbreath said...

Hey, at least you look like you were having fun. Our favorite place is Toadsuck, AR.

mindi said...

I love your photos. The one of liver pie and the leaves is beautiful!