Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Season of Thanks

Once again, it is that time to reflect on those things for which we are most thankful. I feel as Christians we should be thankful daily, if not hourly, yet this seems to be the time we tend to express our thoughts on our thankfulness. So, I will do just that.

This past year in particular, I have looked back over the last 20 years since I graduated from high school. I am amazed when seeing God's Providence at work in my life.

I moved from Michigan when I was 18 to a Texas where I knew four people. Four. That's it. I went to a small college where I new one person. Soon enough I was surrounded by friends. Two in particular I am still very close to. I've lived in Texas for 20 years now and have been blessed with many, many friends.

I am thankful for those friends.

The fact that I have 5 children after 20 years completely blows my mind. The blessing in that nearly brings me to tears. I cannot think of any other "profession" I would rather have than being a momma. The Bible tells us children are a blessing and I am so thankful God chose to bless me.

I am thankful for my children.

I married my college sweetheart while in college and had my son when I was 22. My daughter at 24. When I was 27 my college sweetheart left me and I found myself divorced and alone with two small children. How can I be thankful for that, you ask?

Because once again, in God's Providence, He brought Monk into my life not long after my divorce. We met through mutual friends. He wasn't interested in getting serious with me and I certainly wasn't interested in getting serious with him. My, how things changed.

I not only married the man, but I have had three more children with him. I call him my confidant. My best friend. My beloved.

I am thankful for my husband.

My sister T and I have not always been as close as we are now. It's not like we didn't like each other or anything like that, we just weren't super close. Over the last several years our relationship has blossomed. Our walk with God has also been similar and she understands me better than the rest of our family. I certainly love the rest of my family, but my relationship with T is extra special.

I am thankful for my sister.

Mostly, I am in awe of God's grace in my life. I am still so amazed that he saved me. Me? I am nothing but a filthy rag, yet in His good Providence He chose to save me. He has guided my life according to His perfect will and I stand in awe of His goodness to me.

I look at all of the things that I've listed above and I realize in all humility that I would have none of this if it weren't for Christ's love for me. I deserve none of this. I've done nothing to earn any of this. I simply believed.

I am certainly and most especially thankful for God's grace.

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Sherian said...

Awww....I'm sooo thankful for you too! Still here after 20 years, good and bad, sad and happy and hoping for 20 more. Remember, we have to push each other around in our wheel chairs in purple dresses and red hats! I love you! Have a great T-day with the family and T.