Saturday, November 17, 2007

9:42 EST Somewhere in Central Ohio - Or the Middle of Nowhere

Oh thank you dear Lord that we are almost there. And I mean that truly from the bottom of my heart.

Since Nashville things have been a shall I say this?


Hope is waaaay beyond sick of her carseat and the new DVD player is not keeping the others to a point of tolerability. My back is killing me and Monk is just sick of driving.

But other than that things are great.

We will not be arriving until around 1 am which is only about, um, 3 HOURS OFF from our original time of arrival. I just keep going back to me and my 2 hour delay yesterday. Sigh.

My mind is so fried that I am unable to blog anymore at the moment. So, until I have more sleep, copious amounts of coffee and a danish the size of Detroit, then I'm callin' it quits.

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