Monday, November 12, 2007

Badda Boom Badda Bing, Momma Just Won Some Teething Bling!

Oh yes! Oh yes indeed! Can you believe I actually won something during The Fall Bloggy Giveaway? Me...the girl who couldn't win a contest if I were the last person on earth! I WON!!

Just what is Teething Bling, you ask? Well it's cute, fashionable, wearable jewelry that your baby can teethe on while you are wearing it. Pretty slick, huh? One of those ideas where you smack yourself on the side of the head and think to yourself, "why didn't I think of that?". Some things are just not meant to be, y'all.

This Teething Bling is from Smart Mom Jewelry and I love it! Let me say that again a little louder now....


I'm just gonna say right now, this in NOT a paid advertisement. (Although I certainly wish it were because I am nothing if not a baby marketing expert. Don't ya know? And I could certainly use the extra cash flow being that we are going on our first vacation in 3 years. But alas, since I am a blogging nincompoop I will probably never profit from my tortuous rambling. However, I digress.) They did not ask me to say all of these nice things. I'm just doing it because 1. I like love their product and 2. I'm a nice person. I've also linked them in my sidebar just 'cause I think they're pretty neat.

What? Pictures? You want to see pictures? Oh right!

The box. I had to take a picture of the box. It was just so cute.
(Isn't the crocheted doily an excellent and exciting effect?)

There it is. In all of it's Teething Bling glory! It's so purdy!

Are y'all jealous now? I know I'd be jealous of me. PUHLEEZ.

Anyway, I will hopefully be posting pictures later this week to show me wearing my new Bling. And if we're lucky maybe I can get a shot of Baby Girl chewing on the cute stuff!

Because we all know there is nothing cuter than a baby sucking on her momma's jewelry, right?


Lizardbreath said...

I'm jealous. But then I am close enough that I can borrow...hehe!

mindi said...

That's fantastic! I'm a little past that now, I think. Lex is even starting to wean himself (sniff), but that's what happens when they decide they'd rather run around then snuggle next to mommy.
Congrats again, maybe this is a new winning streak??

MacCárthaigh Family said...

The jewellery is good, well done for winning and sharing it with us. Cant get over the amount of food you bought for such a small amount of cash!

As for hints on how to keep kids quiet on long journey, get the money you would spend on the dvd and pay somebody to come along with you? A free holiday and money for playing with the little ones sounds good to some people?

If that doesn't work, how about this; We bought an Archos mobile dvr av500 for our trip to America last year. You can pre record loads of movies, music and photos on to it and the kids just plug in and watch. Only problems are it's not very loud and also, you can't recharge in the car. I suspect they have up graded it though so these problems might be straightenedkpfcv out.

Enjoy your trip regardless. God bless.

Jedi Miller said...

Isn't this like tying a steak around your neck to get the dog to play with you... I'm just sayin'.

Michelle said...

Dear, you know I'd give you my luggage...but my teething bling? Hmm...

Me? Winning streak? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! You silly, funny girl!

Mrs. Maccarthaigh,
Thanks for your traveling advice! I'm sure a trip to America was quite the journey from Ireland! May I just say that I would love to hear you talk! I love an Irish accent!

You are SOOOOOO funny. ha ha. Are you comparing my baby girl to a dog? Hmpf! I didn't think so!