Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Latest Deals

It really amazes me how God provides for us. You know, sometimes I get so caught up in the "frugality" of it all that I don't take the time to stop and thank God for providing that "frugal opportunity" for me. As a SAHMomma I really feel compelled to make the most of my husband's hard earned money. I didn't use to be this way and I'm certainly not perfect now either, but at least I'm trying. Before, if I wanted it, I bought it. Or charged it. Or whatever I needed to do to get what I wanted.
Tsk, tsk, tsk, y'all. I was a poor, sad girl back then. I still have moments of weakness when I purchase something that isn't necessarily frugal or needed, but for the most part I try very hard to make better decisions.

Here are some of my recent frugally finds:

Remember my beautiful black and white bag I bought to use as a diaper bag? I only paid a $1.50 for it, but guess what? This one was FREE! I am all over free, y'all. My sister had it in her closet ~NEW~ and said she didn't like it. How can you NOT like this? I was more than happy to be the new owner!

I picked up this awesome book at a garage sale for $1. On the inside cover it retails for $24.95. I was thrilled to my toes!

This was one the best ever frugally deals to date. This is a Hanna Andersson outfit I bought at a garage sale. It cost me $1.50! This outfit retails for around $50! Let me hear an, "oh yeah!". I can spot a Hanna a mile away and let me tell you was I ever tickled (and blessed) by the price.
That's it until the next great frugally find!


mindi said...

I'm all about great deals! Way to go!

Mrs. Elliott said...

Hi Michelle,

I loved reading about your thrifty deals. That new diaper bag is even cuter! Hope you have a lovely week!


Michelle said...

Thanks y'all!