Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Should I or Shouldn't I?

No, this is most definitely not me!
Although I would have killed for that vertical!

This year is my 20 year high school reunion. Yes mam, I am a graduate of the 80's. Parachute pants, Bruce Springsteen and Back to the Future were all a part of my glorious past. So is big hair (which I truly miss) and people that were pretty much idiots throughout most of my growing up years.

It wasn't like I was a wallflower or anything. I played trumpet in the band, I did all the musicals and plays with the drama club and yes, I even played soccer my senior year (which was the first year they offered soccer). I hate running so I have no idea what possessed me to play soccer other than the fact it was another social opportunity for me. For those that know me, know how much I love all social opportunities. At any rate, I was involved. But anyone who has ever been to a public school knows it's not about involvement. It's all about status.

Status was something that alluded me in high school. Quite frankly, that was fine by me. The people that had status were not what I would call kindred spirits (borrowing from Anne here). I had my group of friends (which were an eclectic group for sure) and we were perfectly fine being the dorks we were.

This is wherein the question lies. Should I go to the reunion and "maybe" see the few people I enjoyed being around? Or should I go and possibly be sitting there with my hubby saying to myself, "WHAT in the world was I thinking?"

Help me blogdom! What would you do?

Any thoughts?

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mindi said...

Go! If you don't you might regret it!