Wednesday, September 05, 2007

One of "THOSE" Days

This is me today. Call me Oscar. Have you ever had one of "THOSE" days? Let me put it this way, if the Department of Defense were to come to my house today, they would deem me a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Of my five children, I've had to apologize to three of them for yelling at them like insano woman, uh dealing with them in an unkind manner. I'm fairly certain that grouchiness is excreted in breast milk because Hope has been a grouch too. Maybe she's channeling me...oh, wait...I don't believe in that tripe so apparently it's the milk.

At some point my grouchiness turned to weepiness because I began melting into puddles almost hourly. Even though my PPD is much better thanks to my Vitex, fish oil and wonderfully insane husband, I still have rogue days where my hormones begin to ooze from every orifice of my body and I couldn't hold water if I tried. Today was one of those days.

15yo Precious got a good taste of his hormone-laden-insano-mommy today. He had a football game after school today and couldn't come home. He called and asked me to bring him something to eat when I came to pick up his sister (yes, we have homeschool kids and have kids in public high school). I obliged. However, upon arriving at the school he was no where to be found. So, in my profoundly grouchy state, I left. He called fifteen minutes after I got back home and begs me to please bring him the food and a pair of tennis shoes he needed (the coach was requiring him to do something the first time). This was one of those yelling, uh, unkind moments I was referring to.

So, off I go back to the school. I cry the whole way there. Why? Um...don't really know, just seemed like the thing to do. Upon arriving, Precious walks up to the car. I roll the window down and hand him his food and shoes and apologize to him. The conversation goes something like this:

Me: I'm sorry for yelling at you. I'm not mad, I've just had a really bad day. (At this point I expect him to say thanks and leave)

Precious: Why, what happened?

Me: (Begin sobbing profusely. He wasn't supposed to ask that!)

Precious: (terrified look of, " what did I say, she wasn't supposed to do that?")

Me: (more sobbing) Nooothing...iiitt's oookaaay.

Precious: You're sure? Nobody died or nothing, right?

Me: (laugh sobbing)Noooooo. Iiiiit's just baby hormones. (weak smile)

Precious: (weak smile back like, "whew, glad it's only that and nobody died") Oh, okay. Bye Mom. Love you.

The poor kid. I've scarred him for life, I'm sure.

Anyway, I managed to get through the rest of the evening without scarring any more of my children and only cried one more time. Tomorrow has to be better.

Man, sometimes I just hate hormones.

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