Monday, September 10, 2007

A Commitment To Loveliness

I was visiting a blog earlier today when I came upon this. It involves listing 5 things in my life that will improve the loveliness in my life. They don't have to be anything profound, just things that will make life a little better, a little lovelier. What I really like about this is that it falls in line with my Operation Organization idea that I'm going to be implementing in the next week or so. This is just one more way of incorporating some organization into our lives (for those of us who are impaired in this area!) without stressing ourselves out. Emma is hosting this, so pop on over to her blog and give her a big thank-you for such a lovely idea.

1. Keep my kitchen table pretty and free of clutter.

2. Plan our meals for the next week and a half.

3. Sweep my front porch and find a frugal way to add some color for Fall.

4. Take a load of items to The Goodwill

5. Spend time playing some games with my little girlies.

Wow, that was easy and I'm not stressed out. Why don't y'all give it a try. :)

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