Thursday, September 06, 2007

In a Tight Situation

It's my first time to participate in a Frugal Friday post and while I've had many "aha" moments in the area of frugality, this has to be one of my favorites.

I have four daughters. Three of them are 7 and under. For those of you with a "few" girls, you know what it's like having to buy tights constantly, especially during the winter months. Sometimes they are outgrown within a few months. Or even more aggravating, sometimes they acquire mysterious holes or runs within one or two uses. This is not only irritating, but expensive. Especially when a run or hole is somewhere obvious, but the rest of the tights are in perfect condition!

So one day I sat looking at yet another pair of tights that Liver Pie had outgrown. They were in perfect condition, just too short. Then all of a sudden it hit me; I could cut them off at the thigh for them to be worn under dresses! This helps with the modesty issues of active little girls who like to twirl in their dresses or race around playing Duck, Duck, Goose. The knit ones even provide a little extra warmth in the colder months when little ones don't want to wear a regular pair of tights. We have absolutely loved this idea and it has saved us money on having to buy shorts to wear under dresses.

It may not be profound, but every little bit helps! :)


Mrs. Elliott said...

Hi Michelle,

I was the oldest of four daughters and this advice is great! I'm going to tuck it away for when I have children. Even better, I may pass it along to the parents in my classroom. Thanks!
~ Sadie

RuthSean said...

I love the idea... well done! My mum used to keep her old tights ( you might call them nilons - pantihose) wash them and store our cooking apples in them in the shed over the winter.

The idea was that she would put one apple in the leg down to the toes, tie a knot in it and put another in and so on. Then she would hang them up and if one went off, it didn't contaminate the others!