Thursday, September 27, 2007

When It's No Longer Frugal

I went to the Goodwill Tuesday to drop off a load of our "extras". There is something SO freeing about ridding your home of extra clutter. As the old adage goes, "one man's junk is another man's treasure". I am glad to donate to another's fortune any day.

It was all good and well until I decided to just *run into The Goodwill* after I made my donation.For those of you that frequent thrift stores and Goodwill's, you know that it can bit a hit or miss situation any time you go. One day there may be all sorts of treasures while another day might not bring a single, solitary item (just so you know, I can usually muster up something).


If we're speaking in baseball terms y'all, Tuesday was a home run.

Honestly, I didn't expect to find much. When I go I usually spend less than $10, unless it's half-price day. Not Tuesday. I stumbled upon so many great deals that my toes were all warm and tingly. I was so proud!

Until I read Meredith's post yesterday. It struck a chord with me louder than a Wurlitzer. Of the $30+ I spent, I really only could merit spending $9. See, I would have been in my normal range. I just sorta went nuts.

Nuts no longer equals frugal. Nuts just equals nuts.

Usually I have "mad" money for thrift shopping. I even have a garage sale $ envelope just for said activity. But in all honesty...I didn't have the budget to spend $30 yesterday and I did it anyway. Sisters, this is not frugal. It's just flat out spending under the guise of frugality. In the ain't right.

I'm not going to feel guilty though. I have learned my lesson and I thank Meredith for reminding me what being frugal is all about. I am resolved to not be an impulse buyer.

I will however, show you what I purchased just to squelch the anticipation. Admit it. Y'all know you were dying to see.

These Trivial Pursuit games were $1.50 each. My husband absolutely loves Trivial Pursuit. I did actually call and ask him if he wanted these. They weren't necessarily needed BUT I did have permission to buy them.

This is probably my favorite, but unnecessary purchase. A smocked Carriage Boutique dress. The bigger girls are too big for it and Hope won't be able to wear it for a few years. But I just love all things smocked.

My most regrettable purchase. This olive green throw for the white, wicker rocking chair on the front porch. It ended up being rather drab, not giving the "pop" I was looking for. I could have
done better another time.

I'm going to label these an allowable buy. This was a brand new package of Thanksgiving cards for 50 cents. I always like to send Thanksgiving cards and this saved me several dollars. Plus, they were beautiful to boot!

I am such a sucker for darling little girl jumpers! This one was for 7yo Sis. It had an adorable Little Red Riding Hood motif which I was over the moon for. Unfortunately, I didn't look closely enough after purchasing. There were some spots that were frayed on the back side of the jumper and the hem was out. Not anything that would make it unwearable, but it will cost me time in repairs.

I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever about this purchase. The complete boxed set of Little House on the Prairie books for $5.00. I was pleased as pie when I found these! And so was Sis when I brought them home.

I also purchased two pair of jammies for Hope at $1.99 each. They were needed and in good shape so I was pleased with that find as well.

See. Now didn't y'all enjoy seeing my goodies? It was like going shopping with me! Unfortunately it was impulsive shopping. Learn, people, learn!! When we learn to restrain ourselves then we never have to deal with buyer's remorse. Even if it is over a .75 cent Fall vase that I didn't bother showing you because I got tired of taking pictures of things I should not have bought! Ahem.


Shelly said...

That's awesome that you got the Little House books for $5! I never finished buying the series & am still missing the last 2 or 3 books.

Michelle said...

I can tell you I was struttin' like a peacock when I found them!

mindi said...

Now you sound like me :) I'm always buying stuff I don't need because it's a great deal. I need to stop that!!!

Michelle said...

I know, Iknow. It is so hard to show restraint when it is SUCH a good deal! Ugh.

Jeremy said...

I love to shop at Goodwill. I bought a couch in college for 10 bucks. It's like a daily garage sale. Good job on your finds, So who is gonna challege the Mad Monk in all those trivia pursuit games?
Genius III i can't do, but i bet Shelly and I combined can do the TV edition and the 80's edition.