Monday, September 17, 2007

My Boy

Today is my boy's 16th birthday. I can't believe it for two reasons. 1. I never thought he'd live this long because of his own reckless accord. 2. I never thought I would let him live this long because of his reckless accord. Actually, I can't believe it because it just doesn't seem like 16 years could go so fast.

It seems like yesterday that I was chasing him through the house trying to make him clean his room...oh wait, that was yesterday. It seems like yesterday that I was cleaning his boo-boos or mending some "wound" he had acquired, Lord only knows how. Uhhh...that was yesterday too. Okay, so we don't call them boo-boos they're "owies". Alright, not really. I still do, however, nag him to clean his room and he still acquires an amazing amount of injuries. Albeit, they are now from playing high school football rather than scaling the walls playing Spiderman (he's too tall to do that now, be he DID do that).

He is still all boy. The only difference now is that the boy is becoming a man. He's 6'1" and weighs almost 170 pounds. He has muscles and lots of 'em. He has to shave the occasional whisker that pops out on his chin. It all makes me a little sad. Not that I don't want him to grow up, I do. I just know that I can't go back. I can't hold him on my lap anymore (even though he tries occasionally), I can't watch him suck his thumb anymore (this would probably be considered a good thing) and I know that eventually, one day, he will have to leave.

I'm trying not to put the proverbial cart ahead of the horse and get too sentimental too soon. It's just hard when you realize they have to grow up and then seeing them do it. Especially when they have muscles.

So, I just needed to say Happy Birthday to my son. He will always be - my boy.

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Shelly said...

Happy Birthday, Isaac!