Wednesday, September 26, 2007

7 Year Old Thoughts

I was holding Hope last night when she became fussy. I patted, rocked, all the other things we in mommydom do to soothe a fussy baby. Unfortunately, it wasn't working.

Then while I was getting up from the couch Hope proceeded to..well...toot. Or have "trouser cough" as one good friend of mine calls it. 7 year old Sis began to giggle. Then our conversation went like this:

Me: (exclaiming to Hope) Was that the problem? Do we feel better now? I think maybe we should give you some Mylicon Drops, huh?

Sis: Momma, what are Mylicon Drops?

Me: They are a special medicine that helps baby's with their gas. It helps her not have the toots so much.

Sis: (giggling) Maybe we should give Daddy some too!

I didn't tell her this, but I think it would take more than Mylicon Drops for Daddy. Maybe Mylicon Pints.


Jeremy said...

AHHH!! MY EYES!!!! I'm blinded with yellowy goodness. Good job on the website change, nice layout...little on the bright side though. Everyone in my office will know if i read your blog from the yellow glow comming from my cubible.

Michelle said...

Uhhh...wasn't supposed to look this bright. You sent up red flags for me and when we checked the desktops we about fell over. I did this on Precious' laptop and it was nice, warm, Fall colors. This is an all out assault on the eyes! Eegads! This must be stopped!

Pray for me...I'm goin' in. Again.