Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Can We Say Panic, Boys and Girls?

As you may have noticed by the strange floating baby in my sidebar, I am 30 weeks along in my pregnancy now.

For those that need a breakdown, that would be only...

-10 weeks left


-70 days to go

Or. Because of the fact that I tend to go a little early, this means...


In case you didn't catch on by my flagrant use of CAPS!! and EXCLAMATION POINTS!!, then let me just tell you...

I'm beginning to panic.

I have so many thoughts swirling around in my overworked little brain and SO many things left to do around our house, that it is absolutely maddening.

Thoughts like:

- Where in the world do we put ANOTHER child?
- What in the world are we going to name this child?
- Is it a boy or a girl?
- How does Sarah Palin get her hair to do that?
- Will this baby be posterior like the last one?
- How long will this labor be?
- Can I eat Ding Dongs while in labor?

You know, important thoughts like that.

And as far as getting the house ready, oh my. That's all I can say. Oh. My.

We are refinancing our house - somebody give me a WOOT-WOOT! for lower house payments - and then we quite possibly, maybe, might, sorta kinda start doing some much needed remodeling (new floors, paint, etc..).

Yes, remodeling.

That would be remodeling only 10 SHORT weeks before a new baby is due to arrive. Uh, that would also be remodeling 8 short weeks until Thanksgiving and um, 12 short weeks until Christmas.

Somebody hurt me now.


Jill said...

Here is your WOOT-WOOT for lower house payments! Hurray!

I know what you mean about remodeling. Our boys share a bedroom, and the youngest tends to have problems sleeping, so the older one has to put up with that. We would like to put them in separate rooms, but that would mean me and hubby having to camp out in a tent....on so many levels THAT AIN'T HAPPENING. We need a bigger house, but who doesn't? Anyway, enough about me, I am just trying to even imagine our house with 6 kiddos! AAAAAAAHHHHHH! Hope you are able to get it all solved soon. I wish I could be there to come by and help you. I will, however pray. You can always send one or two to me in Tennessee and I would then have a legitimate reason for buying a bigger house! Have a great day, and remember, there are plenty of ding-dongs to munch until you are in labor. Maybe I will have one now just to "sympathize with your plight". What a friend, right?

Christine said...

It is so fun that you are back in blogging business! It was lonely without ya! ;)As to Sarah Palin's just isn't fair. She has a ton of stuff going on, all of the time, and not a hair out of place. She always looks chic- so unfair. ;) I didn't know that Hope was posterior, wow, that makes me admire you that much more! One website that I heard of, that offers help for getting baby into an optimal birthing position is . There are things that you can do, now, I believe. And you most definitely may eat Ding Dongs during labor. As the laboring mama, you call the shots. May no one be so bold as to contradict you! ;) lol

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Girl! You are CAH-razy! But, that's what I love about you so much. And, if anyone can pull off all the things you want to get done before Corn Nut arrives and still have humor - it's YOU.

I'm so glad you're back to writing. My world just wasn't right with Michelle :)


PastorMac's Ann said...

You're almost there - down to the home stretch. (did I just say "stretch?" Sorry.)

Hang in there.

JB and Cindy said...

Read my latest posts, guess our thoughts have been similiar lately, except for I may not have 1day left... AHHH, it feels sooo soon and I feel so NOT ready!!