Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Whine-ometer Is Going Crazy!

That would be me whining. Oh, the children are too, but that's the status quo around here.

Right now, it's about me.

My Monk is gone and I miss him. I am seriously pathetic when this man is gone. And I have such guilt about that! My friend, Mindi, has endured nearly a year with her husband in Iraq (he's comin' back soon though!) and here I am whining and moping over a week.

And I can't stop! Waaaaaahhh!

I've been nearly catatonic all day long. I've sat on the couch, piddled for way too long on the computer, let the children run amok and various other acts of nothingness.

So excuse me while I fry my brain sunny side up. I'm lost without my other half.


the one and only, elisa said...

Dont be sad. I am coming over in less than 24 hours!!! haha

Jill said...

Hey girl!

I know what you mean. Mine has been away a lot lately, and I see my friend (whose hubby is also in Iraq) come to church 3 times a week with her 3 tiny kiddos in tow (one born while he has been away), and she is smiling and cheerful, and it makes me feel so bad for whining......but I whine anyway, and I am not even 8 months pregnant. So, I hereby give you permission to whine. You can even whine on my e-shoulder if you want to. Hope he hurries home!

Sarah R said...

I so understand. My husband is a truck driver. He is gone for two to three weeks at a time, and I have three kids. So yes, I hear ya. Makes you happy to see them when they come home, though!