Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Whodunnit Solved - Say It Aint So!

In late breaking news, we now have a guilty verdict in the Ballerina Barbie Massacre of 2008.

The polling indicated that Harley the Beast was the single most obvious choice in this horrific act, but the Beast has been cleared of all charges. His alibi was confirmed by several people witnessing that Harley was, in fact, outside wreaking havoc on small children at the time of the brutal attack.

And Livvy the Louse, who placed 2nd in the polling, has also been cleared of all charges. She happened to be one of the small children upon whom the Beast was wreaking havoc.

She may, however, be charged with misdemeanor assault and battery for beating Harley about the head for his havoc wreaking ways.

When questioned about the new charges, she simply replied. "I hate that dog.".

Harley's response was, "Look, a squirrel!".

Gigi the Gray was also interviewed after being released and her response was, "I hate all of you.".

Fat Otis was sacked out in the recliner and declined to comment.

And that, my friends, means that only one suspect remains.

Pepper the Ronni is GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY!

She was actually caught in the act and showed no remorse for her wrongdoing. When taken in for questioning, she simply stated,

"Harley made me do it.".

We threw the book at her and sentenced her to a stern talking to and no doggie treats for a whole week.

She's up for parole in 3 days. All Barbies have been put on alert.

Harley, in the meantime, was back in juvey tonight and learned how to lay down.

Yeah, right.


Kim said...

I think everybody's covering for Harley. No one likes to see a youngster going off to prison. Notice how he tries to distract? Squirrel, my eye!

Keri said...

Hahaha! We need to find Ronni a little prison Halloween costume!

Jennifer said...

You make me laugh. Out loud. Thanks for that :)

carla said...

Poor Pepper (I guess I should have some sympathy for the victim, but Barbie's so perfect she doesn't need my sympathy). I'm just glad Liv was cleared. I love that child and didn't want to visit her in the "big house."