Friday, October 17, 2008

Crime Scene Investigation - Who Dunnit?

At approximately 11:05 a.m. Wednesday October 15th, 2008, a crime was discovered at the Monk home.

It was gruesome at best and the perpetrator can only be described as hairy and dangerous.

The victim can be described as:

-blonde hair
-blue eyes
-16-19 years of age
- approximately 10 inches in height
-a tattoo in the small of victim's back that reads: 2006 Mattel Made in Indonesia

The victims name has not been released due to notification of next of Ken kin.

WARNING: The following pictures maybe disturbing for young viewers, parental discretion is advised.

Gruesome at best, yet she smiles in death.

We covered the victim's...ahem...nakedness... to preserve what dignity she had left.

The carnage was horrific

This is, in fact, a chalk outline of the victim (or in this instance a flour outline). It is not a bunny rabbit as certain investigators have suggested.

This is an ongoing investigation and the police Momma already has several suspects detained for questioning.

More news to come as details emerge.

Stay tuned for updates.


Keri said...

Oh my word this had me rolling in the floor laughing!!!!

Cutzi said...

You are hilarious!

Have been reading your blog for about a month now - I always get a good chuckle and I like that. ;-)

Sherian said...

You are a sick little puppy! LOL

Jill said...

To quote one of my favorite movies: (Toy Story) "you are a sad strange little (wo)-man". Love the "chalk" outline. I have a similar perpetrator around here. He is now banished to the outdoors.

Katie said...

Girl, you are a stinkin' riot! I love it.

We have some very similar pictures of a G.I. Joe who met his demise in the back yard of my parents' house. I think our perp has the same M.O. hmmm....


Carla said...

Hope you find the perp!! Hilarious crime!!

Melody said...

Too funny. My DH saw the pictures and wondered if the victim had been through the blender...

Kim said...

ROFLOL!! Oh my! This is hilarious!! I came over via Happy to Be Called "Mommy"'s blog.

Kim said...

Looks to be possibly the work of a "wild" animal! ;)

Tressa & Mark said...

Thank you! I needed the distraction.

Love your blog!!

the one and only, elisa said...

My first thought was liv sadly. lol You never know...her or the dog.

Mommy, the Human Napkin said...

This made me laugh, too! I've had a similar incident that I posted about here:

And I have a series going called "The Poorly Dressed Dolls" series. My kids may need some sort of professional help. Or maybe just a class on properly clothing Barbie and friends.