Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Almost Back

I smiled this last week. And then I laughed. Not just a giggle, which is nice, but some good 'ol , gut- busting belly laughing. I don't think I've laughed like that in eons.

Oh alright, not eons, but a long time. And let me tell you, I needed it. Sometimes I think laughter really can be the best medicine. It sure gave me the shot in the arm that I've been needing. I think Monk would concur.

We were privileged last week to have attended the wedding of some good friends. The wedding was a few hours away in Austin. Monk, Hope and myself loaded up in Phil the Suburban on Wednesday and headed off for a much needed 3 day sabbatical.

(The other kiddos stayed behind with a reasonable amount of adult supervision. Nothing caught fire, nothing broke, no bones were broken, no stitches were needed and 911 was not summoned even one time.)

I liked to call our 3 day getaway, "The Last Fling". It was our last trip before The Corn Nut is born and we officially have 6 children. Yes, we had the 14 month old with us, but 1 child, as opposed to 5, still constitutes as almost being alone. At least to us. Plus, we kinda like her 'cause we think she's cute and all.

Anyway, we had a great time together and with our friends. Friends that can make you belly laugh are good friends, indeed. And, when you have a hubby that can make you belly laugh till you nearly pee yourself (which honestly isn't hard these days), then it's purely gravy.

(And yes, I do believe laughing until you pee is a totally viable way of determining a good relationship. And for those of you who cannot appreciate all of my references to urine, I sincerely apologize. Just keepin' it real people, keepin' it real.)

And the wedding? Oh my, the wedding. In a word....beautiful. It was unconventional, non-traditional and probably the single most beautiful wedding I've ever been privileged to attend. It wasn't only about the couple, but it was about God and worshiping Him and giving Him the glory.

Let me tell you, there were a few times that I wanted to collapse into a full blown Ugly Cry. But I remained composed and only a few tears fell with a reasonable amount of sniffling. Not bad for a large, hormonal pregnant woman.

It was good stuff. With good people.

I'm hoping that it was enough of a reality break to pull me out of the funk I've been in. One day I might even tell y'all a little about the "funk" and what it involves, but for now it needs to remain just that....the "funk".

I'm finding my happy place again and starting to feel as if I might be able to write a decent blog post or two. Heck, if I'm feeling real excited I might just write 3 this week! But if you're counting on a Devil Yoga post? Don't. I do believe that ship has sailed.

So, hello again everyone, it's nice to be back.

(So that means everyone that has been harassing me to post again can now stop. You know who you are. Bunch of dang stalkers.)


Jill said...

So glad you had a great time. Sounds marvelous! I love when that cloud of "funk" lifts.

I haven't said much about you not blogging, but I am glad you are back. We don't expect a daily belly-laugh, but for those of us experiencing "funks" of our own, your blog is always great for a guffaw or two. Thanks for thinking of us, and again, glad you had a great time!

the one and only, elisa, who brought you pumpkin bread especially to see you and the girls... said...

Hey its not stalking. Just concerned and like you writing. lol But i will refrain from long as i get another post this week. :)

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I'm so glad you're "almost back." You're "almost back" post made ME laugh!! The Devil Yoga thing... HA!

Daniel and I took Eliza, when she was around 2 months old, and went to Maine for a few days. It was glorious. Not quite the same as being alone but it still kinda felt like it. So, I understand all you were talking about with the wedding and only taking Hope.

Glad you laughed, Michelle. I can't really imagine you NOT laughing...


mindi said...

Glad you're feeling better!! I know what you mean (sort of, anyway) about the funk. I'm in it right now, big time. And can't seem to get out. But I need to - and I hope you stay out of it from here on out!!