Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time To Lighten the Mood

Well, I did it. I scared people away with the television stuff. I kid you not. My stats for my sight have dropped BY HALF!

Oh well. I knew the job was dangerous when I took it. Should I only post fluffy things that make people happy? Or post the occasional controversial piece to try and make others think about some things?

Monk says people are bored with the t.v. and it's time to move one. But I only have one more post about it....sniff..sniff.

At any rate, what's done is done and there's not much I can do about it now.

OH WAIT!! Yes, there is ! I can post pictures of Cinnamon rolls! And cute babies! And cooking fiascos! Everybody loves a good cinnamon roll, cute baby and cooking fiasco! And the mood can be light and happy once again!

So, here we go:

Oh look! A yummy pan of delicious cinnamon rolls!
With PINK frosting!

Come here beautiful...Momma wants a bite!
(Aren't my paper plates so avant-garde?)

Since I can't have cinnamon rolls - I'll just chew on the side of my Co-Sleeper.

And finally, this would be what happens to chicken breasts when left on the grill for um...about and hour. I like to call them Cajun Style. Ironically, do y'all know why I left them on the grill so long?

I was watching television.


Shelly said...

Don't worry. You haven't scared me away. I'm just having "one of those days" & haven't been in much of a mood. Can probably explain better when I'm in a less emotional state. Of course, with starting my prometrium tonight that emotional state might just get worse!

I'm sure when I can think better I'll have something to say.

Shelly said...

Oh, and not to just jump to Jed's defence but he kicked the ant pile at work yesterday & finally has more work to do but has some other people upset who aren't getting the work they use for their undeserved over-time. I'm sure he'd blog about it if he had a moment!

butterfly jones said...

You didn't scare me away either,I actually agree with you about T.V.When I see signs of addiction in my kids (or me!)we pull the plug.Anyway,your posts make me laugh-thanks for sharing your life!

Anonymous said...


See, you have a faithful few who are waiting for the next installment. I agree with you 100 %. In fact we call our the DV...the Devil Vision! Thank you for your boldness in this issue.

Love, Rosa

Michelle said...

Dear Shelly, Butterfly and Rosa!

Thank-you my faithful few! lol! But seriously, my stats fell by HALF since doing this little series. I guess I messed with a few "toes".

That was your first comment! Thanks for de-lurking!

DEVIL VISION!!! LOL! Oooooo, that's my new one! Doug Phillips called it the Black Babylonian Box of Death at that homeschool conference we were all at last May and it has stuck with me ever since! :)

mindi said...

I'm still here - barely hanging on because of sickness.
You didn't scare ME away - LOL! Gotta love the cinnamon rolls though, I've gained weight just by looking at them!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness - that last sentence? That's hilarious!

The cinnamon rolls do look good... but I think I'd pass on the chicken. Ha!