Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Coming, I Promise

My television post is coming. My weekend has been fraught with cookie making, chicken burning and children with 101+ fevers.

Excitement abounds.

Anyhoo, most of my post is done, but I need to add a few things lest I be accused of weak arguements. ;)

Come back later. And if it's still not posted then you can assume....I'm lame I guess. I'll get it posted eventually. At least after my chiropractor appointment.

I love my chiropractor. She cracks me up (and down and all around!).

I am nothing if not hilarious, I know.


Shelly said...

Hey! I just came back from my chiropractor! Are you just on maintainance now? I'm almost there. My lower back was a little off though today but it had been 3 weeks.

mindi said...

So sorry about the kids. I know how awful that can be :( Hope they feel better soon!!