Monday, February 04, 2008

Our Pampered Chef Winner Is....

I'm sure you all are ripe with excitement, huh? Without further adieu...

"Michelle said... Ooh, ooh, ooh! I'm in desperate need of a Cake Tester - I've been using an unraveled (and boiled) paperclip! {hangs head in shame} Thanks for the giveaway!"

I'm happy this fellow bloggyite won for three reasons:

1. I really, really like her name. I have no idea why really.
2. She lives in Kentucky and I think that is a beee-ooo-tiful state! It's also where my parents are from and it is in my top 3 places I would want to live!
3. I find it so totally pitiful that anyone would have to succumb to using a boiled paper clip for checking the doneness of her cake. She really needs the cake tester.

Congratulations Michelle! No need to hang your head in shame any longer sweetie! Your goodies will be on their way some time this week. Woo-Hoo! Time to whip out the apron girlie!

And to everyone else....thanks for playin'! It was fun.

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Michelle said...

I'm laughing - but only because I'm so embarrassed. LOL!

I know, it's horrible. But my dad is totally one of those make-do, MacGyver types who could, like, built a car from two toothpicks and leftover spool of baling wire -- and I've inherited a little bit of his attitude about things. :-)

SO there I was, trying to figure out if my cake was done (this is about five years ago - I was a newlywed) and I realized that my mom had a P.C. cake tester. Not me. So I cast about, trying to think of what I had on hand that would work as a substitute. I don't ever have toothpicks around, but I'm an office supply junkie so I had plenty of paperclips.

(Probably more than you ever cared to know. Ha!)