Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bueno Not So Bueno

*Note: New edit at the bottom*

No, this is not a television post. I bet y'all are breathing a collective sigh of relief, huh? Do not fret though because they will return on Monday.

No. I'm taking a break from my 10 Reasons I Hate the Television because I have not been well today. No, I have not.

Last night after leaving church, we decided to make a quick stop at the Taco Bueno. And just so y'all know, I love me some Taco Bueno. Madgirl got a MexiDip and Chips, Monk got some Chicken Quesadillas, Little Girls got Chips and Queso and me? Well, I wanted some Party Tacos and a Party Burrito. (Party meaning smaller than a regular size). I ate two Party Tacos and one Party Burrito. After eating, I promptly took my 150mg of Zantac like I normally do every evening along with my Fish Oil supplements and other vitamins. Because after all, I am nothing if not a health conscious individual. Except for the Party Tacos and Party Burrito.

Oh yea, and the Cinnamon Rolls.

Anyhoo, during the middle of the night while nursing the Baby Girl, I didn't feel so great. Well, I attributed it to the fact that I had stayed up way too late expounding on my T.V. philosophies. I still managed to go back to sleep.


When I awoke this morning I REALLY didn't feel so hot. I took Baby Girl to Monk and pretty much figured things were going to go down hill from there. I will spare you the ugly details of what occurred first, but for a very long time I lay on my bed begging God to NOT LET ME THROW UP! And also worrying if I had contracted some deadly form of E. Coli.

I HATE throwing up, y'all. With every fiber in my being I HATE to throw up. This comes from the woman who if it weren't for the miracle of modern medicine would barf her guts out the entire time she is pregnant. Which I am not, so don't even go there.

Anyway, after feeling VERY vomitous for about and hour it seemed to settle down a little. I had a headache and just felt kinda gross after that. Needless to say, not much was accomplished around here today and I'm convinced it was because of the evil Bueno Tacos.

So, while I feel kind, I'm just gonna take a Friday bloggy break. And now that once again, I have rambled on and managed to turn something short and sweet into something long, drawn out and torturous, I will now shut-up and go crawl under my covers next to my Baby Girl. And my Monk.

Have a nice weekend.

Oh yea, and turn off the tube and do something different for a change. ;)

*I just want to let y'all know that my hubby has an AWESOME post over on his blog today ~ go read it HERE! :)


Shelly said...

We had a bad experience last summer with Bueno. Jedi's sister & her family came in town & they love Bueno (don't get it in D.C.) but between the meat tasting weird & Melissa finding a bug in her queso & the lack of concern the guy at the counter had when she told him (he actually offered her another cup of bug-infested queso!), we were pretty leary of going back. Granted, Jed & I have but we at least stay away from a certain Bueno on Precinct!

TheMadMonk said...

Was it burrito botulism or taco ptomaine?

Jedi Miller said...

"With great food comes great consequences."

bummer, it's like being being stabbed in the back by your best friend. I have a hard time blaming an entire corporation for the downfall of a single store. Thats why now we don't go to Bueno on Precinct.

mmm Muchaco, with party tacos. Yum no i want bueno!!!

(sings) "islands in the stream..."

mindi said...

I dunno - you've denied being preggo twice in the last two posts :D
Hope you're feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I am a reader of your blog but this is my first comment, and it is a question.
I just gotta find out the secret of the homemade cream cheese icing from your cinnamon rolls.
I have been searching the internet but can find one that looks as sticky and sweet and yummy as your icing! Can you help?
Mel (I don't have a blog!)

Michelle said...

Shell & Jed,
Even though I fell ill, I'm sure I could give up the Bueno,ya know?

Definitely Taco Ptomaine!

You know I realized that I had mentioned pregnancy twice in two posts AFTER I had already posted and I thought to myself, "Self, somebody's definitely going to GO THERE!" LOL! Nope, I'm not.

Glad you delurked! :) The recipe is simple:
- 8 oz cream cheese softened
- 1 stick butter softened
- 1 tsp vanilla
- powdered sugar until desired
sweetness (this involves lots
of licking of the fingers - a
sacrifice I'm willing to make)
- 1-2 TBS milk until desired
- Pour whilst the rolls are hot!
- Enjoy

A lot of times I will half it - it just depends on how much you like.


Michelle said...

Jed & Shell,
Oops! That meant to say I could NOT give up the Bueno!