Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Crib

We did it. We finally broke down and bought a crib. We are of the co-sleeping mindset, but I have to tell you...I think we may be getting a wee bit too old...or too fat...or both, to be able to sleep with an infant for a whole year. We are still fans and supporters of co-sleeping...just maybe not quite as long with this particular child.

Neither Monk nor I had been sleeping well. Sleeping with Attila the Hun is never pleasant. I was having major chiropractic issues with my right shoulder and discovered it was from our co-sleeping endeavors with Baby Girl. And Monk? He has issues of his own in just falling asleep, so having a baby finger shoved up his nose in the middle of the night or his beard hair yanked out at random intervals was just compounding the problem.

Baby Girl has a co-sleeper, but was getting too big for it. We figured that out pretty quick last week when she flipped head first out of the doggone thing. We needed something bigger.

As in crib...bigger.

So, Monk not only bought me a crib for her, but let me buy the most darling bedding set at Target. I wasn't even expecting it. I was thinking crib, mattress and sheet. That's it. Then he chimed in about a bedding set and I was over the moon! Not that he's cheap mind you, but I was trying to save money.

So, last night we bought the crib and came home and put it together. Since the crib is in our room (because all the others are filled), we knew it was going to be a tight fit.

Do y'all think 6 1/2 inches between my side of the bed and the crib is enough room? Well, it has to be because that's what it is. I have 6 1/2 whole inches! I am thankful to God for those 6 1/2 inches because I wasn't even certain I was going to get those!

Let me tell you...I LOVE HAVING THIS CRIB!

Life has just been simplified greatly for me. I can now take a shower without having to have someone listening or watching for Baby Girl. I can now lay her down for a nap and actually leave the room to let her fall asleep on her own (which, by the way, she did today! Yeah!). I can now get dressed without having to break my neck trying to prevent her from falling off the bed while also trying to pull a shirt over my head.

These may seem like trivial things to y'all, but for me? It's like Disney World!

And so, I now introduce you to...

The Crib.

My whole 6 1/2 inches! Woo-hoo!

"Hey, isn't this what they call, 'baby jail'?"

Sleeping like...well, uh....a baby.

If you'll notice, above her head is embroidered with "lovely girl". We looked, but couldn't find one that said, "Sleeps like Attila the Hun". Apparently that's not real popular right now. Go figure.

Who coulda thunk a crib could make two parents so very happy. Happy Dancing that is.

In our 6 1/2 inches!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, I am so envious of your crib...LOL. While traveling, I have had to make a pallet on the floor for Kathrine or recently put her in bed and I am not sleeping well either. I think I am going to buy a play pen.
Enjoy your sleep!!! Whatever that means! LOL

Love, Rosa

mindi said...

She is SOOO Darling!! I love the bedding, absolutely precious.
Lex is 15 months Saturday, and still in his crib, which is not only in our (my for now), room, but butted up RIGHT NEXT to the bed. That way if he wakes up I can reach over and haul his little diaper-clad bottom over the rail and nurse him back to sleep. I allow the kids to self-wean, and he's following the footsteps of his sister. He's down to, at most, once a day, in the middle of the night. And starting to sleep through some nights. So I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Michelle said...

I still don't have a full night's sleep, but I have to really is nice having more room. Plus, my shoulder no longer hurts! I can't imagine how difficult it must be doing all this traveling with a little one...definitely go for the playpen! BTW, I got your pictures and the girls are so big and beautiful!!

I may be biased, but I think she's pretty darn cute too. And the bedding wasn't that expensive either!
I thought about pulling the side of the crib up next to the bed and putting the side down so when she wakes up to nurse I can do what you do. I may give it a shot. We are self-weaners too (hey, that sounds kinda funny!), but mine usually wean right around a year. This girl is a different one though, so if when she's two and she's still...well...we just won't go there. :)

Sarah said...

Congratulations on the crib! We're co-sleepers here too. However, baby number 2 didn't stay in out bed for nearly as long as number 1. My shoulder and hip ached constantly, and I felt so unrested every morning. We put her in the crib, in her own room at about 8 months. Not only did we get more sleep but she started sleeping better too!

I still think co-sleeping is great and I don't ever see myself getting out of bed to nurse a baby, but I have a feeling that if there is a baby number 3 around here, he'she will be in our bed for less than 8 months!

Anonymous said...

Aw, congratulations on your sleep - and on Baby Girl's new digs! We were full-time co-sleepers for Smooch's first six months, and then we assembled the crib we got at our baby shower (hee hee!) and started using it part-time because Gruff was starting residency on-call nights and needing more/better/different sleep. It's a bittersweet thing every time you make a new transition with a little one - but when it involves more sleep for mama? It's mainly a blessing!