Wednesday, October 03, 2007

That Reunion Thing AGAIN!

This week at Rocks in My Dryer, WFMW is being done a little differently. Backwards, that is. Rather than me offering my sage tidbits of wisdom (snicker,snicker..and I don't mean the candy bar)I get to ask all of blogdom to help me with something, anything my little heart desires.

So, here it is blogdom. This is the low down.

My 20 year high school class reunion is in November in Michigan (I live in TX). I will be there anyway because I'm visiting my sister for Thanksgiving. I'm debating as to whether I should go or not.

I really didn't care for most of these people...BUT...there are a few I would love to see. Since I have no guarantees that those few would be there, I'm struggling with deciding if I should go. Stupid. I know.

If for nothing else I could go just to see who got fat. I suppose as long as I count myself then that's a perfectly legitimate reason.

Okay, blogdom. Y'all help me decide. (I should've downloaded one of them fancy poll thingys and then it could have just been a vote.)

Do I go to the reunion or do I cut my losses and not waste the time and money?

p.s. Mindi, I already know your answer, girlfriend. But if you are so inclined as to tell me for the THIRD time that I need to go then I will perfectly understand!


Jeremy said...

Stupid Reunion!!

Ah just go. How can you make of people if you don't see them again.
Besides they could have good food... :)
oh wait does that mean the Mad Monk would be going? hmmm now I can see a problem. HA!

Sarah f said...

I'm with Mindi here Sweetie. Go, you will already be there, so you won't be wasting gas...and who knows after 20 years some of those people with whom you were not a "kindred spirit" may just surprise you. After all you aren't the same person you were 20 years ago...are you?

Shelly said...

I think you can add a poll on blogspot. Just look under either settings or templates I think. Jeremy & I are both due for our 10 year reunions this year & he's kinda dreaded going to his because of certain people he really doesn't want to see. As for mine, that would be interesting! We could just make a reservation at Pizza Hut for my little class of 9! I doubt it will happen though which is too bad because I'd love to see them again since it's been 10 years for most of them. I say go for it! You'll already be out there & what's the worst that can happen?!

Amy said...

Go! I had a lot of fun at my reunions. And this year, I talked my sister into attending her ten-year reunion... she didn't want to go, but she wound up having a good time. It's funny, what they say is true, most of the high school clicks and such just kind of melt away, and you find yourself talking to people you rarely spoke to in high school. It's fun, too, to see where people have wound up... in my class, there are two guys that are teachers (and love it) that I would NEVER have thought would go into teaching. So, yes, my vote is that you go... besides, you can always leave if you get there and don't like it!

T with Honey said...

Don't go. It is not worth it. Although I was able to reconnect with some friends at my 10 year reunion it was a waste of money. All the old clicks still exist, no one talked to anyone outside their group.

And it turns out I could have gotten back in touch with those friends a different way. If there are a few people that you'd like to get back in touch with see if you can use links back home to get back in contact with just them. Try searching for them on Google. Look them or their parents up in the phone book.
Or contact the reunion committee and ask if they would pass your email address or phone number on to your friends. They have the contact info for your entire class.

Laane said...

I was in doubt a few years ago, but went to my 25 years reunion.

I had a great time.

But don't expect relationships to bloom again.

After the reunion I kept seeing just one person. But I have to say, it was well worth it.

It's nice to see what has become of people.

A, B & C said...

My 10-year is the weekend after Thanksgiving and I would love to go. I will be at my in-laws, but I'm sad to miss it. My dad passed away last year and some people from my class contacted me to say how sorry they were. Many were not even my friends. It's true that most of these old cliques are just forgotten.
My vote is that you should go! Like you said, you're already there, so you might as well. You never know who you might reconnect with!

Louise said...

I went to high school in New Jersey and then lived in California for 20 years. I've missed all my high school reunions, and I regret it.

For the 20th, the reunion coordinator had an email list, and through that I reconnected with a couple of people. They weren't major friends in high school, but I've really enjoyed talking to them again.

Someone famous said that we don't regret the things we do, we regret those things we DIDN'T do.


Marcia said...

Hmmm, I'd say weigh up the benefits vs the cost of you going. Are those people who you want to see going to be there vs socialising with people you really don't like or share similar values with?

If it was me, I'd probably go since I'm there anyway and have an escape plan if it's boring or if you hate it. of course, wear something fabulous so they remember the GORGEOUS you :)

Organising queen and
Marcia's take charge blog

Debs said...

Join facebook, the ones you actually want to catch up with are probably on there already, or if not will be soon enough (I've caught up with people I haven't seen since i was little!)

Amy said...

I went to my 10 year, after much agonizing, and I had a wonderful time. I really did. It was great.


Dawn said...

I say don't go..............

Adena (cre82learn) said...

I went to my 10 year and it was so disappointing. I will never go to another one. It was like stepping back in time and everyone was still in their little cliques. The people that I really wanted to see didn't even show up! I was bored to death. You can go to and look up who you want to keep in contact with and save your time. Just my .02.

tootie said...

You should go! I find that in life, I more often regret the things that I don't do than those that I do.

I think you'll inevitably see a few friends and you'll enjoy your time with them.

I know that everyone dreads going to reunions worrying that everyone else's life will be much better than theirs, but I bet you'll walk away feeling pretty lucky with your own!

ptj said...

I deeply regret that I missed my 10yr reunion. I had two good things to go to that weekend but I chose B instead of A and now I wish I had chosen A. You could be a blessing to someone without even nowing it so go for it!