Monday, October 01, 2007

Colds, Ugly Blogs, Bad Hair and Other Utterly Useless Thoughts

Who needs lungs? Apparently I don't. I think I've pretty much coughed them both up and out over the last two days. Cold, you say? HA! I'm pretty sure we are beyond cold and now fall into the category of plague.

Since I am predisposed to bronchitis, I went to the doctor on Friday. You know, so I could catch it early before I lay on my bed wheezing and unable to function. I couldn't get into my regular doctor mind you, so I saw this other doc. "Oh,no," she says, "you just have a bad cold."

Well, it's been eight days now and I'm still coughing and still blowing out great green gobs Anyway, I've called my doc back today and hopefully they will call me in something without having to pay yet another co-payment. In the meantime, the Kleenex company loves me. So do many other major drug manufacturers.

And now onto ugly blogs. Do I not have the single ugliest blog you have ever seen? I tried. I really did. I wanted something different. Something Fallish.

I failed.


So, I have asked my dear hubby to buy me a custom blog template designed by one of them high fa-lootin' blog-maker people. You know, one of them fancy schmancy deals that only reputable bloggers have. The kind of blog that people Unlike this one.

A girl can dream, can't she? Boomama I aint'. Like Merchant Ships I ain't I'm not either. I just wanna be pretty. Kinda like the cheerleaders in high school. You know. Not much substance, but sure pretty to look at. Maybe the substance will come after I'm pretty. Uh. Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to dream , hope, beg.

And onto bad hair. I have it. In a major post-post partum sorta way. While I am pregnant I do not lose hair. This is bad for two reasons. 1. I have abnormal amounts of hair to begin with. and 2. I have abnormal amounts of hair to begin with.

Then, about 2-3 months after I have a baby I start losing hair in copious quantities. Shocking quantities. Molting might even be a better term. I'm in my molting stage. When showering the drain needs to be cleared sev-er-al times. If not, before I know it I'm in water up to my ankles. To the untrained eye one might mistake the wad of hair that I acquire by the end of my shower for a rodent of mouse-icious descent. An auburn, wavy haired rodent, but rodent nonetheless.

The molting is bad enough, but add to that the lack of shine and the none-to-attractive style and well...ya got nothin' but bad hair my friends. Ponytails are my go-to style right now and that spells nothin' but t-r-o-u-b-l-e. Sooooo, I'm in the mood for change. One must tread carefully while in this state lest one commits a serious hair faux pas. Think 80's. The whole decade.


And falling under other utterly useless information would be the fact that I haven't started Operation Organization for, what else?...Lack of organization. I'm trying. Really.

Also, I received more class reunion information today. Do I really want to go?? I just don't know. For the love of pete (just who IS pete, anyway?), someone make a decision for me!

All randomness will now officially come to an end. I can hear the sighs of relief everywhere.


A Place For Ministry Wives said...

You just might be a BooMama. This post is hilarious. :-) Just came across your site somehow. Can't wait to see what kind of a blog design you come up with. :-)

mindi said...

My hair is EXACTLY the same way!! I don't lose any when pg, but then it comes out in clumps when the baby is about 3 months old. Drives me nuts!!
I still say go to the reunion, even though I missed mine (no fault of my own!) I wish I had gone . . .

Michelle said...

Ministry Wife,
Comparing me to Boomama has just thrilled me to my core. However, haven't you just committed some sort of blogger blasphemy? Boomama is sacred, sister. :0) Glad you found me!

I'm glad you can relate to my hair crisis. It truly is life altering.

I appreciate you nudging me to the reunion. I want to go. Really. It's just all those "what-ifs" that keep getting me!