Thursday, October 18, 2007

Let's Work Together...

So, you know I've been workin' Monk lately to buy me a new fancy schmancy blog template for Christmas. Unfortunately, I've also been workin' him for an iPod Nano (a girl needs her tunes) and these. Two sets. So I can have service for 8.

What can I say? I'm a highly complex and diverse individual.

Any other Christmas I'm saying things like, 'oh, it doesn't matter what you get me. A Yankee candle, or three, will be just fine'. Not so this year. I want things people. Specific things. Please don't mistake my "specific things" for greed because 'tis -not- so. You can ask anyone that knows me -or buys for me- that I just don't ask for specifics very often. With the exception of a Yankee candle. Or three.

Of the three things I've listed, I figure I can do without these the most. I just reeeaaallly luuu-huvvv them! And the iPod Nano? Well, I suppose I can still listen to my CD's on my handy, dandy, under the counter CD player.

But the blog template? No can do. I simply must have a new template. I'm just thinking of those of you that read here really...all two of you. Y'all see the state of misery this thing is in. It's screaming for color and personality. It's also screaming for readership, but that's a completely different issue, now isn't it?

So, this is where the "let's work together" thing comes in. I'm asking those of you that do read - all two of you- and those that just happen to stumble across my blog because for some reason you googled the words - pathetic and blog - in the same sentence, to please help me obtain a new template.

How, you ask?

I'm asking y'all -both of you- to beseech my husband on my behalf, and plead my case to him as to just how pathetic my blog template is and how it is paramount that I recieve a new one.

Still asking how?

Well you could leave a comment could go to his blog, which by the way is full of much more discerning and penetrating content then let's say, um, here, and pummel, batter, pelt, inculcate him with your many evidences as to why I need a new blog template.

Namely, this one looks pathetic. Or you could even say that the blandness of it is stifling my schtick. It's curtailing my creativity. It's vexing my vibe. It's making me mental. Okay, well that last one is the status quo...but still.

Or that you just simply want me to shut-up whining about it.

I'm imploring y'all, for the love of all that is good and right, just let the man know what his wife really wants and needs (I'm using this term in a completely and totally creative sense here) for Christmas.

And to the lurkers? I know who you are. Please come out of hiding for me. For the blog. For the love of all mankind and the free world.


And use big words. He likes them.


Mrs. Elliott said...

I dunno, those dishes are beautiful too! But, I've been toying with the idea of a blog template myself. So, I say go for it!

mindi said...

I'll go for it.

Please get Michelle the new blog template! She really wants it. BUT, while you're at it, get her the dishes too. And the IPOD. Simply because the dishes are beautiful, and the IPOD is an amazing invention I wish I had thought of myself.
Come to think of it, I need an IPOD too.

Michelle said...

See, I told y'all only two people read my blog.

Mrs. E,
Aren't those dishes just divine? I really want service for 12 seeing that my family alone is service for 7!! I keep telling myself,'all things in time', but it is so hard when I want them NOW!!

Miss Mindi,
See, all 3 things are really neat things! But I really do want a blog template and I can get one for around $50. I'm a pretty cheap date for Christmas!
Thanks for the vote!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog Mrs. Michelle! Almost every day. I think you should get everything you asked for. LOL


Michelle said...

You dear, sweet girl! I knew you would come out of lurking for me!
Afterall, I'm ONLY your second momma of sorts, so there really should be NO guilt, at all, on your part! (snickering loudly)

Sarah said...

Just an can get a refurbished 4 GB nano on the apple website for $99. I bought one this summer (bf they changed the look of them, and a 4GB cost $ it's only $149) and it's great. Comes with the same warranty as one you buy in the store and you save $50.