Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jumpin' Jehosophat! The Cat Came Back!

So, some of you might remember in my Monday post that we realized Monday afternoon that one of our two cats was missing.

This particularly hateful feline, named Gigi, had been gone for 3 WHOLE DAYS! We just knew something bad had happened to her. Our house backs up to a creek and wooded area and we have seen foxes and all other sorts of random critterage back there. We assumed she had become a Happy Meal of sorts, for one of them.

Monk was silently doing a happy dance as he didn't really like this cat. Sis was rather gleeful about the disappearance as well, even breaking into strains of The Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah a time or twenty. Me? I was rather indifferent to the whole thing as I have become somewhat numb to tragic things happening to our animals. It just does.

But Madgirl? Oh my. Oh, my, my, my. It was not pretty. No sirree. She cried. She sulked. She wrote bad poetry. She blamed us that her psycho cat went flying out the door Saturday night and we did not call out a search and rescue party. I mean, this cat had done this before and had always come back. She normally doesn't even leave the confines of the backyard. Until this past Saturday night. Oops.

So, just when we figured she was gone for good, what do you think happened? She came sauntering up onto the back deck, squawling her head off at about 10:30 last night.

Yep. Monk didn't want to open the door, but he did anyway because you know, it was the right thing to do, after all.

That and he wanted to stop the Madgirl from turning her 3 day drama into a made for t.v. mini-series.

I was doing laundry when he brought her in to show me and I nearly choked on a dryer sheet.

So, what do you think we did next?

Why we went and threw her in the bed with Madgirl. Who was asleep. Sound asleep. Needless to say, she first reacted like she had seen some sort of apparition, then she hugged Gigi and cried and then fell over and went right back to sleep. And that was that.

So, Gigi the Jungle Kitty is now safe and sound, giving her hateful looks and plopping her haughty self on the back of the couch. Business as usual.

And Monk and Sis? Well, there's a little less spring in their step today, but you never know...the back door could just accidentally open tonight.

Or tomorrow.

Or the next day.

Accidentally, of course.


Jedi Miller said...

Well after reading this post I was reminded of a Cartoon I saw when I was little, and I found the video. Please enjoy.

I'm pretty sure you will be able to relate to this poor guy in the cartoon. Love the song though it's catchy.

Michelle said...

The fact that you have remembered this from your childhood is quite disturbing.
However, that being said, it was quite entertaining and I would have to say that pretty much sums up Monk's and Sis's opinion of our fiendish feline!
I will be singing that song ALL afternoon! "ohhhhh...the cat came back..."