Monday, October 08, 2007

I Can't Wait For That Day

Today I was chuggin' along in my little van, otherwise known as "the ghetto cruiser". Let your imagination figure that one out. Anyway, I was on my way to Wal-Mart, in all of its low price glory, to grocery shop and I wasn't in a good mood AT ALL.

I was feelin' down.

Way down.

Now, I am a music lovin' girl and I love all sorts of music from Opera (#16 makes me cry) to Etta(#7 is the best ever). Music really affects me and I have always turned to it when having a bad day, good day or needing something to help me clean my house (I need a whooooole lotta music for that one).

Anyway,I have a special fondness for southern gospel as well. It was the music I grew up listening to.
Stop cringing and move forward, people!
I really don't listen to it very often anymore, but today I needed something to bring me out of my funk. As I was digging through the console I came upon a southern gospel CD I hadn't listened to in a long time (not to mention unidentifiable food objects). I put it in and skipped through a bunch of stuff I didn't like when I happened upon one I had long forgotten. I was gonna post the words here when I found a YouTube video of a choir singing the song.

Now y'all, you've got two choices when you watch this:

1. You can ignore all the sparkly gowns, hand wavin' and wigglin' going on in the background and focus on the great words, OR

2. You can join in on the hand wavin' and wigglin' (sparkly clothing is optional) and still listen to the great words. I was driving when I heard it so there was no wigglin' AT ALL. Okay, maybe just a little. I will also admit I probably did a little hand wavin' too. I had no sparkly attire on whatsoever. Promise.

My point is: Focus. On. The. Words. People.

Just so you know. My bad mood went completely away.

And on top of rained! The Lord is so good. :)


Ken said...

A little opera or classical makes my day. Start listening to some good music.

Jedi Miller said...

I don't know why but the saying "Wal-mart in all it's low price glory" just made my day. I can't wait to share that with someone else.

Michelle said...

Honey, (honey is my hubby)
Did you even listen to the words? And didn't I say I listen to Opera? You need to be nice to me dearest. Remember... I prepare all your food.

I'm glad I could contribute to the well-being of your day. I mean that in the most sincerest way.

Leanne said...

I really loved your post about Little Debbie! I'm excited to be your swap partner. I read your profile...I love Johnny Cash also!
How funny!
Have a great day!

mindi said...

I had to comment on wal-mart. In our small town it's just about the only place to shop, so we LIVE there. Low prices really help out a lot!!