Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hack! Hack!

Give me a B
Give me an R
Give me an O-N-C
Give me an H
Give me an I
Give me a T-I-S

What Does It Spell???


It's official. I have the plague. I went back to the doctor today and received my sentence.

However, in my time of sickness, I have not lost my sense of duty to be productive. So, I'm layin' on the couch thinking up songs from Broadway musicals that can be changed into songs about illness.

And here we go:

From The Music Man (Pick a Little, Talk a Little) - Cough a little. Hack a little. Cough a little. Hack a little. Sniff, sniff,sniff. Hack a lot, cough a little more.


The Sound of Music - The hills are alive with the sound of mucous. (okay, I stole that one, but it's still good).


Singing in the Rain - Coughing out in pain, I'm coughing out in pain. What a horrible feeling...I'm hacking again.

how about

From South Pacific - I'm gonna cough that crud right outta my lungs, I'm gonna cough that crud right outta my lungs.

Enough already! Stop this infernal gibberish!

Obviously, I'm delirious and unless y'all are musical loving freaks like us, then all of this babbling makes no sense at all.

Actually, it doesn't make much sense to me either. I think it's time to put this post to bed.

I think I'll put myself to bed too.

Now. Where'd I put those drugs?


Shelly said...

I like musicals so I got them! So I guess we won't be seeing you tonight? Hope you feel better soon!

mindi said...

Wow, we are so similar right now. I'm sure I have bronchitis, but won't go to the doc (they claim antibiotics won't work for bronchitis). So I'm coughing away, and people near me swear I have TB. I hope you get better soon!

Michelle said...

Sorry you're sick too. We can be in the TB ward together. Mine is now in the "juicy" stage. Okay, maybe that was TMI. Sorry.