Monday, October 15, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays. The first day of a new week. Monday is a fresh start.

Officially, I'm not behind until Tuesday.

However, when Monday morning starts off less than stellar, you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that the rest of the week ain't gonna be much better. I am the eternal optimist, I know.

The Baby Girl began my new week by waking me up not one, not two, but THREE times in the night! It stormed all night long which enabled me to promptly put my bleary eyes back to sleep, but it still wasn't enough to squelch the coming wave of exhaustion. I woke up to take the Boy and Madgirl to school and thought I would surely die of sleep deprivation.

After dropping the Olders off at school I was then promptly caught in a torrential downpour of epic proportions. Monsoonish.

And you know what, y'all?

Rainy days on Mondays always get me down.

I came home wet and sleepy and put my sorry behind back under the covers alongside Baby Girl to try and recoup some of what had been lost in the night. (This is one of those perks of having your hubby work out of the house - he made breakfast for the other girls) Unfortunately, there was not much sleep to be had and with great effort I pulled my tired self from the bed.

This is when the real fun began.

I dressed Baby Girl and the other girls and did, against every fiber in my body, manage to get myself dressed WITH make-up. It is then that I plopped myself on the couch and stared into space and did some random blog reading.

By this time it is 10:30am and I had plumb worn myself out with all the morning's activity.

I did leave the house for about 45 minutes to go and pay two bills and run to the grocery. It is there that I purchased myself a tall, non-fat Cinnamon Dolce Latte WITH REAL WHIPPED CREAM. I also bought 3 bags of flour, a four pack of caramel apples with nuts and the $3.99 Monday special - 8 pieces of fried chicken.

After returning home I decided to get busy. So, I started cleaning out my pantry.

The pantry, y'all.

Let me clarify that I have HOUSE FULL OF COMPANY coming in a week and a half for my niece's wedding and I decide that my pantry is THEE number one thing to do on my list of priorities. I mean, we all know that the garbanzo beans and green beans being separated with their labels facing forward is just SO much more important then, let's say...CLEANING A TOILET!!

I busted a bag of old fashioned oats in the cleaning process and am now trying to come up recipes to take care of about 852 cups of oats. I've already made a double batch of granola a la Boomama and I definitely see some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in my near future.

But dinner? Nope. Hadn't even thought about that today. I'm guessing I could do some sort of buffet with leftover fried chicken, granola and oatmeal.

On top of all this excitement we realized that our cat is missing. After much thought, we realized she's been missing since, um, SATURDAY NIGHT! Yep, we're an astute bunch around here.

And now that I've written the longest post in the free world concerning the most unproductive day of my life, I will officially close the laptop.

And try and figure out what to do with the last 849 cups of oats.


mindi said...

ROFL!! Your monday sounds like it was spectacular. A bit like mine. I got the baby off to daycare only to find out I forgot his milk at home, and the two older kids were staring at me like ,'now what mom?'
It ended with a so very fun trip to the grocery store where the kids decided the baggage racks were toys and dumped all the colorful pens at the checkout counter. Oh, and there was lots of screaming.
Sorry, I just wrote you a book!!

Michelle said...

It's nice to know other people have Monday's like mine! The difference between us is that I feel the need to broadcast it to the World Wide Web!!

Mrs. Elliott said...

Hi Michelle! I've had so many Mondays like this in my classroom lately. The best one was when I spilled colored lima beans all over a new mom who came to help in my class while trying to hand them to her and then tipped everything over in the process of trying to pick them up (SMOOTH, huh?)I appreciate your sense of humor sooo much, you write the kinds of things I am thinking.