Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dyson Deliciousness

Okay, so with 5 kids, a dog, two cats and fish we have a lot of dirt.

Dirt requires a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners require money. Money requires work.

It really is a vicious cycle, y'all.

Anyway, as far as vacuum cleaners go, there aren't too many better than a Dyson.

Except maybe a PINK Dyson vacuum cleaner!! PINK!! I have visions of me in my apron and high heels vacuuming with my PINK Dyson while humming the theme song from Leave It To Beaver. June Cleaver would SO use a PINK Dyson. Would she not?!! Oh yes ma'am she would!

So, there is this fantastic opportunity to win a free PINK Dyson over at Domestic Diva. And don't you know I am all about free. In case your still not sure...FREE!

One more time. FREE.

So y'all head on over there and try to win a totally bodacious PINK Dyson too. For FREE!

June would be so proud.


mindi said...

I have a purple one, and I LOVE IT. I now get excited when I think about vacuuming the carpets. Isn't that sad??

Lizardbreath said...

I can totally see you vacuuming in all your glorious pinkness. However, you forgot to mention Hope rocking to sleep in her pink sling as you vacuum in June's honor.

Jedi Miller said...

hmm i wonder if Dyson would make an R2-D2 model... I'd love vacuuming then!

Michelle said...

There is never anything "sad" about clean carpets!

I do in fact own a PINK and brown Hotsling which I love and adore very much. :)

You know, I could really see you enjoying the whole R2D2 vacuuming thing. You'd probably have the cleanest carpets in Texas!