Monday, August 13, 2007

Wallowing and Other Thoughts

Okay, so I've only gone through one day without The Mad Monk and I'm already officially wallowing in self pity. Like anyone wants to hear me drone on over the fact that my hubby is gone for one week. I have such guilt and I need to suck it up. There are women who are going months and years without their husbands because they're fighting in a war. Or worse yet, they've lost their husbands. So, I am officially going to knock it off. Please forgive me.

Granny got here yesterday and has already impressed us with a mighty fine batch of vittles. She made chicken 'n' dumplins' for lunch today and it was some exceptional fare if I do say so myself. The other list of future meals we have requested are: Fried Chicken (hers is elbow lickin' good), Chicken Fried Steak, Honey Pecan Chicken (which is also fried) and a myriad of other wonderful artery clogging foods. Cholesterol? We don't need no stinkin' cholesterol!

Guess what? My lovely mother cleaned my kitchen fridge for me today!! Woo-hoo! You think she's makin' up for telling me I looked pale and sickly? Reguardless, it's shinin' like the top of The Mad Monk's head!

I plan on attempting to post some new pictures of our sweet baby girl tomorrow if I can manage to overcome my ineptness at downloading them from the digital camera. It really stinks being technologically challenged. Especially when your married to a super geek. I do love him though!

If your readin' Monk, I miss you and love you!

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