Monday, August 27, 2007

Quick Doll Skirts

I don't know about the rest of you with girlies, but my fair maidens have accrued a small fortune in doll clothes. Small fortune being the key word here. In my quest of all things frugal, I wanted to find ways to still have cute things (like doll clothes) for my girls, but also make it affordable. Viola! Doll skirts made out of old pant legs!

One day I was cutting off some "too short" jeans for Sis to make into capri pants (another frugal idea). I kept looking at the bottom part that I had cut off and thinking to myself, "what could I do with this?". It had a perfectly good hem and I didn't want to waste it! It then dawned on me to fold over the top, throw in some elastic and we have an instant doll skirt! I bought an under two dollar box of a gazillion buttons at Wal-Mart and sewed them around the hem to make it even cuter. Talk about squeals of delight! And it only cost pennies! Really, I'm not lyin'!

Here is the finished skirt. Other embellishments could be added
such as rick-rack or even ribbon.

And here is one happy customer!

This is a great, easy project for beginner sewers. If I can do it then anybody can do it. While I love to sew, it does NOT come naturally. I think I have a defective sewing gene somewhere in my body. I think I'll let Sis do the next one by herself minus the sewing machine part. We'll see if she has the "gift". With Christmas just around the corner (less than four months now ~ ahhhh!) this would be a great gift gift idea for the little girlie girls in your life!
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Mrs. Elliott said...

I love this idea! Thanks for the inspiration.

Michelle said...

Mrs. E.,
Thanks for the kudos. I wish I had that kind of inspiration on a daily basis, but alas, I only have 2.6 brain cells left from lack of sleep! Blessings!