Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Panic Has Begun

Madmomma's momma is comin' on Sunday and our panic cleaning has begun in earnest. Sticky floors must be mopped, Mt. St. Laundry must be conquered and the year long growth in the garage refrigerator must be removed and sanitized.

I've tried to bribe either 16yo Precious or 14yo Madgirl with $10 bucks to clean the garage fridge for me, but I've got no takers. Sheesh. What is so cool though is that if I give 7yo Sis and 4yo LiverPie a bucket of hot water and a couple of sponges they'll do the grunt work for free. And they'll like it! Except for maybe the bottom drawer which is stuck by some unidentifiable goo. Unidentifiable goo, mind you, that has had nine whole months of a pregnancy to breed and become stronger. At any rate, it must be done. Granny doesn't tolerate dirty fridges.

More importantly, we will need this fridge for all of the grocery shopping that Granny likes to do. She likes to cook and she cooks well. We are hoping for her to cook and to cook well. We like her cooking that she does so well. I digress.

The good news is that most of the big cleaning was done before the birth of Hope, so panic cleaning won't be so bad this time around. Thank goodness. Me and all of my hormone madness couldn't handle it. Maybe this means that I'm becoming more organized! Or maybe it just means that I'm a crack monkey trying to make myself believe I'm more organized. No matter now, we have 2 days and counting!

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