Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just Call Me Grandmaw!

So I had to take the Madgirl to the doctor today because of her headache she's had for two days. A headache so bad it has made her delirious with pain and saying insane kinds of things. Since I am Hope's only source of nutrition, she was with us as well. As we were standing at the counter checking in, a lady who worked at the doctor's office stopped to admire Hope. I liked her up until the point she asked, "are you the mom or the grandma?". (insert sound of car screaching to a stop!)
Huh? The room began to spin, my stomach lurched and I had this overwhelming urge to beat her head against the floor repeatedly. I calmly and politely smiled and said, "the mom". I saw the Madgirl smirk. It was a pain riddled smirk, but a smirk nonetheless. She knew what was coming. After we were out of earshot I began asking in my screechy-I-can't-believe-that-just-happened voice, "Do I LOOK like a grandma?". Then our conversation went something like this:

Madgirl: No, mom.

Me: Can you see any gray in my hair? (There shouldn't be after my last gray hair comment)

Madgirl: No, mom.

Me: Do I have that many wrinkles?

Madgirl: No, mom.

Me: Why would she ask something like that?

Madgirl: No, mean I don't know, mom.

Needless to say my self confidence took a serious hit this morning. The Mad Monk thinks it's funny. He got the "Grandpaw" question seven years ago when he was 38 too. He says not to worry about it, it's just people. I thought, "okay Gramps, I'll do that."

Wow. Grandmaw. Bring on the Depends.


Jeremy said...

You know at first I laughed at this until I remembered that I was accused of being Shelly's father. t(to those who don't know Shelly is my wife!!!)

Shelly Miller said...

We may have that beat! Jeremy has been thought to be my FATHER on 3 different occasions that we are aware of! And I'm 3 months older than him!

Michelle said...

You two are scary!! LOL!

I think should be some kind of rule that after 3 times she gets to start callng you "Pops" or "Daddy-O" or something!

Please stop looking so young and cute! It's hard on those of us who aren't!!