Friday, August 01, 2008

It's Cute. It's Sassy. Then Why Do I Hate It So?

I can feel the brain cells leaking from my body. For some reason, when I'm pregnant I tend to do stupid things. With my hair.

I had been wearing my hair a la ponytail -bun thingy on a regular basis because I couldn't stand wearing it down in the heat. With temperatures 100+ degrees day after day after day after day (need I continue?), I was getting tired of it feeling like someone was constantly breathing their hot breath down the back of my neck. But the ponytail -bun thingy gives me headaches and it just wasn't attractive y'all. Not attractive at all.

I was a hot, desperate woman.

I called the hair dresser to save me from my purgatory. Hallelujah, she had a cancellation yesterday and got me right in! I was going to have hair relief in a matter of hours.

All I wanted was a few inches off. A simple bob style that hung AT MY SHOULDERS. When sitting in the chair discussing my hair options I used my hands to show exactly where my shoulders were. Many times. Many, many, many times. I emphasized my shoulders - A LOT! I specifically said, "I still want to be able to pull it back". Do you think I was clear enough?

Well, apparently I have no ability to communicate in the English language.

Before I show you the pictures, let's just say that I can no longer pull my hair back - AT ALL! And apparently I keep my shoulders up around my chin because that's where my hair is y'all!

I smiled for the picture. I'm not smiling inside.

Here's the back and side. Not the easiest shot to take.

So there it is. I know it's hair and it'll grow back and I know I will now be cool for the summer, but yikes, it is so short!

So tell me, do I look like a dork? What do y'all think?


Carla said...

I actually LOVE it. You are soooo cute!

Little Loveys Mom said...

Love it! I am determined with this baby not to cut my hair...all 3 of the other ones I had chin length...i think boob length is what i'm going for need to use a blanket to nurse LOL (kidding) sort of

mindi said...

I LOVE it!!! I think it looks fantastic!!

Lizardbreath said...

WooHoo!!! (wolf whistle) Completely too cute!

Shelly said...

I think it's cute!

Lora Lynn said...

You do realize that we have basically the same hair? I like it. Check out the book "Curly Girl" if you need help embracing the curl and the length. But I think it's adorable.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

It's cute and sassy - you're right! And I like it!

You could maybe pull the sides back if you really wanted to :)


Madgirl said...

It's cute. The mommy bob is really in right now. Like I have been telling you.......... :) ily

Pastormac's Ann said...

It looks terrific! Such a cute cut!