Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Another Liv-ism

So were sitting at the table eating our breakfast the other day when Liv states to Sis that she'd had a dream.

Now Sis is all about a good dream, y'all. Especially if it's dramatic and all. She inquires of Liv to please tell her of this dream. Liv, sensing the anticipation of giddiness in Sis's voice at the prospect of a grand story, simply says, "no".

This sends Sis into all sorts of begging and pleading which Liv follows with, "nope", uh-uh", "no way" and every other way Liv can communicate the negatory. She's obviously receiving great pleasure from it as well.

Sis, understanding who she is dealing with, pulls out the big guns. She says to Liv, "I'll let you hit me".

(insert crickets chirping here)

This phrase nearly made me choke on my granola. This girl went in for the kill! If you only knew what a wimp delicate flower Sis is when it comes to the area of pain you would understand JUST HOW BIG this was for her to say. The girl was desperate to know the dream.

At this point, I've been sucked into this drama and I've now looked up from my granola as if it were some school yard "triple dog dare", just to see what Liv's response will be. For we all know that she is the queen of torture techniques and would be just slap silly stupid to give up an opportunity to hit someone WITH permission.

She pauses. Perplexed for only a moment and then says,

" Can I pinch you instead?"

"On the cheek?"

Yep. The girl knows what she wants. Even when it comes to her method of torture.


Sherian said...

Oh man! So, did Sis give the permission and what pray tell was this dream?b

Jennifer said...

I just started reading your blog (found it through Sgt. & Mrs. Hubb)'re hilarious! Your stories make me laugh :) Thanks for sharing your humor with the rest of us.
And yes...are we going to get "the rest of the story"????

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh this was stinkin' HILARIOUS!!!! So, so funny...


Carla said...

I love that girl!!