Monday, August 25, 2008

Homeschooling the 5 Year Old

So during our homeschool this morning I had Liv writing out her numbers 1-5 as practice. She has watched her left-handed older sister write so much that she makes EVERYTHING like a lefty. We were struggling to say the least.

Since Liv can be bribed with praise (and rope and handcuffs), I was telling her what a great job she was doing. Her efforts were greatly increased by my encouragement and she began giving me a play by play after writing every number.

After making one particular number 5, she looked up, wide-eyed with excitement and exclaimed,

"Look, Momma! It's a pregnant 5! It's going to have little baby 5's!"

Betcha can't tell she's got a pregnant mom, huh?


Jennifer said...

When I was teaching 1st grade, I told them "remember, the five is the one with the biiiig fat belly and the top hat" Maybe saying the 5 is pregnant is a nicer way of putting it! :-)

Michelle said...

Ha! That is too funny Jennifer! Well, the big belly is appropriate around here!