Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We Bought A Harley

Oh, yes we did!


Because we are awesome, of course!

It's a gorgeous brown color with TONS of get up and go. Plus, it was only a year old and a great deal. The kids we're thrilled when it pulled up!

Wanna see?


Meet Harley. The newest member of the Monk clan. (Oooo, and don't you love the dead Texas grass as a lovely background?)


Did you think we bought one of those Harley's?

Puhleeze, people. We know we are hip and cool in our middle agedness and all, but let's face it....we're not that hip and cool.

Plus, we have this thing we do called eating. We'd like to be able to afford to keep doing it if at all possible.

But isn't he a doll? He's a 100 pounds of slobbering, hyperactive sweetness! And his tongue! Oh my word! It's so big it could feed a small third world country!

More to come on Harley's story and I'm sure plenty of pictures to follow, but for now I need to go keep the 25 pound cat from killing the 100 pound dog.

There's a pecking order around here and unfortunately, poor, ol' Harley is learning it the hard way from Fat Otis (the cat).


Jedi Miller said...

Who's kicking the poor dog in the background. I'm gonna do some CSI work and find out who has white Keds, then it's a phone call to PETA!!!!! :)

she looks great, Hope (or what I can see of her) looks like she just loves her.

Michelle said...

LOL! Nobody's kicking him! Isaac had his foot resting on the other side of the little red pool. We only "kick" the children. Just kidding. And those are Isaac's shoes in the back. Are you saying he has girlie legs and shoe??? We tell him that all the time! lol!

Shelly said...

I had just heard from Mad Girl about Harley & was surprised. So you didn't have a full enough house & thought a 100 pound dog would fill some space?! Trust me, I can say nothing since after already having a 100 pound white hairball & then getting some dingo/bat dog creature!

Holly said...

He looks like a super sweet tempered dog.

mindi said...

Awww - how sweet!! But make sure you stop at ONE. FOUR is insanity, so I am certifiably insane!!

Angela said...


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