Friday, August 29, 2008

Candy, Coke and Family Worship

One of the greatest advantages to having Monk work out of the house is that it allows us to have our family worship time during lunch. It's nothing grand and glorious, just a few simple hymns, a short devotional and prayer. Ten to fifteen minutes and we're done.

Monk has recently been doing a short, little people friendly devotional from a book called The Peep of Day. It's a very old devotional, that Monk actually has to modernize at certain points, that has wonderful, simple lessons for children.

Recent lessons have been on the family. Today he was talking about our souls. Pretty deep stuff for an 8 year and 5 year old. We talked about animals and how they are not like us and how we were made in God's image. Simply put...we have souls and the animals do not. Then he talked about how when we die our bodies are just a shell that is left behind, but that our soul would live forever - this being how God made us different from the animals.

As we were discussing this, the subject of death and dying kept getting brought up. This obviously distressed our little Liv as she loudly and abruptly said,

"Can't we just talk about candy?!"

Well, after the laughter died down about that one, we continued on. Monk began asking them ways that our bodies were different from the animals. He then asked what our bodies were made out of - the answer being dust. I then went on to say that our bodies were made up of about 70% water too.

This is where Sis chimed in and said enthusiastically,

"And Coke too!"

Ah well, apparently Momma has been consuming a little too much of the banned substance lately. A genetic anomaly that has been passed on to all of my daughters. Go figure.

A little candy. A little Coke. And some solid theology doesn't make for a bad lunch hour though.


Little Loveys Mom said...

I love kids....esp when their questions have nothing to do w/what we were talking about lol

Holly said...

I can't wait to start having these conversations with my children - we've already started in small ways, but I pray constantly that God will give us the wisdom to know how to instruct them as they grow.
Recently my sister was having bible time with her 3 kids, and her 8 year old was reading a passage from Revelation, the one about the holy city coming down, adorned just like a bride. Only, she read it as "the holy kitty, coming down out of the clouds, arrayed just as a bride for her bridegroom". As if the imagery in Revelation wasn't confusing enough to begin with! They had a hard time keeping their minds in sacred places after that.