Sunday, August 17, 2008

Recovering From the Weekend

Wow, y'all. Two great weekends in a row! I think I might have a life!

You know how last weekend was mostly spent at home? This weekend was the opposite of last! Oh my word, the running around we did!

In Texas, we have what we call Tax-Free Weekend. It is a psychotic weekend where there is no tax on clothing, backpacks and diapers. In order to survive this weekend you have to either be desperate or completely insane. I'm not desperate so guess where that leaves me?

Tax-free weekend is how I started Friday. Me and the Madgirl (along with Hope) ventured out for a morning of power shopping. Thankfully we were only at Old Navy because the mall was a veritable MAD HOUSE! A few hours later and significantly poorer, we arrived home.

This is when I found out I had been invited to a lingerie shower for a friend of mine. For Friday night. As in- THAT night. So guess where I had to go? Yep. The Mall. Hell on earth.

I survived another two hour outing, getting home in just enough time to whip up a quick, non-exciting dinner and jump in the shower. I walked out the door with no time to spare.

May I just tell y'all I had an absolute BALL on Friday night! I laughed and smiled so much my cheeks hurt by the time I left. In my book, that's a sure sign of a bona fide good time. And might I say it's been a long time since my face has hurt from smiling and laughing. Laughter IS the best medicine!

Saturday was another whirlwind of activity. After some errands (which involved yet ANOTHER trip to Old Navy), a trip to Target, and a jaunt at the playground, we headed out to celebrate family birthday's with Monk's family. We laughed, stuffed ourselves with Mexican food and exchanged gifts and funny cards.

My sisters-in-law always spoil my girls and came bearing gifts for them even though it was nowhere near their birthdays. One gift in particular was especially disturbing though.

Handcuffs. Metal ones.

Olivia's eyes lit up like the 4th of July. I'm sure this was one of my SIL's evil plots to obtain more interesting blog fodder from me. Little Liv is the family psycho (and I mean that lovingly) and they totally love and dig her fetish for rope and tying up things and people. Monk and I are sleeping with one eye open.

After arriving home around 5pm, we thought we would be settling in for a quiet evening. Boy, were we wrong! We got a phone call from some friends inviting us to a movie. Us? The parents of 5, almost 6, were getting invited out by other adults, to a movie, that didn't involve animation or talking animals! We jumped on the invite and got the kids settled and headed out the door again.

Oh my goodness, what a fun time! We went to a movie and then hung out talking and drinking coffee (or chai tea for me) at Starbucks until almost MIDNIGHT! Us! Me and Monk! Are we becoming hip, or what? All I know is we had a great time and smiling and laughing occurred frequently throughout the evening.

Our weekend ended as it should. Worshipping and resting. We visited another church and found our hearts filled and challenged with their worship service. We heard a sermon that was Providentially challenging in its timing and content and blessed Monk and I tremendously. We spent the rest of the afternoon resting and enjoying one another's company. Can't get much better than that, folks.

I need the week to start so I can catch up on my sleep! We will be starting our homeschooling this week, so I don't see the whirlwind stopping any time soon.

But life is good these days and you can't ask for much more than that.


Holly said...

Tax free weekend?? I've never heard of such a thing! And lingerie shopping while pregnant is always fun, especially when you have to ask a salesperson for help: "Do you have this in a small? I don't think this will fit... [wait for incredulous look from salesperson]... my sister."

Michelle said...

Tax-free weekend is great - if you like the crowds! And the crazy!

And yeah...I definitely got some looks walking around the mall, pregnant with a Fredricks of Hollywood bag! LOL!!

Christine said...

Gotta love tax free weekends! I am glad that this past weekend was a blast for you!