Thursday, August 07, 2008

So, It's Been One of Those Days...

Ever had one? Days where you're in a funk. It doesn't matter what you do or try to do, nothing seems to get done.


Today has been one of those days.

I have a good friend from college coming over tomorrow with her three kiddos. The house has been abuzz with excitement! Yet today, I've been in slow motion. Absolutely nothing has been accomplished. Except for Monk cleaning out the pool for the kids to swim in tomorrow. The man always gets his work done. But me? Eh.

I took Madgirl to the dentist at noon and after I returned home I laid down and took and hour and a half nap with Hope. That was my contribution for the day. I haven't been taking my pre-natal vitamins, B-vitamins or fish oils very regular the last few and I'm thinking that could be some of the issue.

Even my little Hope has been in a funk today - not her usual good natured self. She screamed and cried for an hour this afternoon for no other apparent reason than she just needed to vent. Sheesh, the girl turns one and already with the hormones!

My poor Monk. This baby really needs to be a boy so he will have an ally, a comrade, someone with which to share his man cave. Well, when he gets a man cave ,that is.

This picture would pretty much sum up how I feel this evening. You know the feeling...all stressed out and no one to choke.

Oh, and this would also be a different style to my new do. This is my straight and sassy look. It's a little time consuming with the flat iron and all, but I can get a lot of mileage out of this one once it's straight. As in no muss, no fuss. And no more looking like a cocker spaniel.

So there you have it. A post chocked full of content and excitement. I never cease to amaze the masses, do I?


Christine said...

Your hair is so darling! I hope you and sweet little Hope are out of your funk. :)

Little Loveys Mom said...

Shoot I forget my prenatal all the time..i remembered today though...(um it's been months) :o) My heartburn/reflux is a killer! Now get to ur belly shots so you can make a photobook too!

mindi said...

Love the photo - I know just how you feel. You are beautiful and your hairstyle is fantastic! I'm just a *bit* envious. Kevin is coming home in FOUR days, and I'm still wading through dirt on the floor.
Maybe tomorrow . . .