Wednesday, January 09, 2008

WFMW -Backwards Edition

Alright, people. I have wanted a new blog template forever and an age now. Like way before Thanksgiving.

I consulted with the best. With cash in hand (or bank) I was ready to commit to the Go-To person I selected. Unfortunately, Go-To person couldn't do it at that time.

So, my sweet hubby tried contacting the Go-To person so I could have it as a Christmas present. Go-to person didn't contact him back. Ever.


I need a new Go-To Person.

Look at this place. It's a mess. I need a new blog template baaaaaad.

Any recommendations?

Feel free to advertise yourself to me. All I ask is that you direct me to some of your work. I like fun, bright and funky. Nothing too serious, yet nothing too nuts.

I'm a little bit country. And a little bit rock-n-roll. Work with me people.

For more Works For Me Wednesday- Backwards Edition goodness, head on over to Rocks In My Dryer!


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...! She is a very close friend of mine, so I can attest that SHE IS GOOD AT WHAT SHE DOES. Plus, she designed my blog. Which I love.

Org Junkie said...

I love bright and funky too!! Shaz from Swank Webstyle did mine and I love it!


:: Suzanne :: said...

do your own! It's not to hard and then you can fiddle with it whenever you want.

Or ask Elle.

Mamacita said...

Hey there!
I noticed you have the same template I had. Stephanie at does blog headers for free. She just asks that you put her little stamp on your blog. She'll put your name in a queue and you might have to wait just a little bit.
Come see my blog if you'd like to see what she did for me. It's a great way to change your blog look. :)

Thrills said...

I got mine free at Some of my friends have used

The McMichael Family said...

Here's the link for the chic who did my blog layout for only $25! She's so fast!

Anonymous said...

i got mine from pyzam and it's free!

tickledpink.nicole said...

No advice, I was interested in the answers you got. Thanks for asking such a good question!

EthansMama said...

My current header I made myself. I use one of blogger's plain templates, change the colors to my liking and make my header with photoshop. I have also used

Ribbon Rock Star said...


Angie said...

I made my blog banners using photoshop and stock images that I bought. Then, like someone else mentioned, I used just a basic blogger template and changed colors, etc.

Good luck!

Hillary said...

I just barely joined the blogging world. My good friend Summer designed my blog and I love it! You can look at my blog to see if you like what she did. Then check out her design page: